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Could your skin drugs be setting you up for CANCER? [Dead serious alert]

Dealing with patchy, scaly skin that’s both INFLAMED and ITCHING up a storm can be INFURIATING.

And then there’s the pain of open sores… and the infections that never seem to heal.

Pretty much ANYTHING can trigger a flare-up

Which makes you want to wrap yourself up like a mummy… and never emerge from your tomb!

OK, I’m kidding – but there’s a grain of truth to that scenario.

If you’ve struggled with psoriasis… you know EXACTLY what I’m talking about.

As if that weren’t bad enough, the latest research shows just how severe your psoriasis can get.

If you suffer from this AGONIZING and EMBARRASSING skin condition, here’s what you need to know about your potential cancer risk.

Don’t let psoriasis become a killer

A meta-analysis conducted by researchers out of the University of Manchester in the UK reveals the startling truth about the skin disease that affects at least 8 million Americans.

It’s not just a cosmetic issue…

It could put you in the crosshairs for cancer!

And not just by a little.

This latest research found that psoriasis patients are 18% more likely to develop one of 8 types of cancer than those without this skin condition.

I’m not talking about folks with only the MOST severe forms of psoriasis…

But ANY degree of severity!

If your psoriasis is considered SERIOUS, however, the risk SKYROCKETS.

In fact, patients with severe psoriasis were found to be TWICE AS LIKELY to develop esophageal and liver cancer

And more than 11X more likely to develop a form of skin cancer known as squamous cell carcinoma.

Worst of all, folks with psoriasis have DOUBLE the risk of DYING from cancer than those without the disease.

Now, this theory doesn’t sound so “out there” when you consider that both psoriasis and cancer are related to chronic inflammation…

But there may be something else going on here.

And it has to do with an immune response that’s working overtime.

You see, psoriasis is considered an autoimmune disease — because your body’s immune cells attack healthy skin cells as though they were foreign invaders.

As a result, your body grows TOO MANY new skin cells to replace the ones ERADICATED by the overzealous immune reaction… and they pile up into those “plaques.”

No one knows WHY this happens. There could be a genetic factor… but it could also be linked to an infection.

So, one of the only treatments that conventional docs have to offer you during a flare-up is a drug that SUPPRESSES your immune response.

Well, we DO know that at least ONE immunity-disabling drug given to psoriasis patients, called cyclosporine, has been previously linked to an increased tumor and skin cancer risk.

That’s why it’s CRUCIAL that you balance your immune response… rather than flipping the “OFF” switch!

Natural immunomodulators include an amino acid compound called L-carnosine… and a type of fatty acid known as cetyl myristoleate.

You can also manage your symptoms by following an antioxidant diet and avoiding triggers… and by taking proteolytic enzymes.

Also look into the ancient Hindu remedy neem oil – which soothes your symptoms AND keeps your immune response on track.