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Is the mainstream doing an about-face when it comes to NATURAL pain relief?

I never thought I’d see the day.

For DECADES, they’ve called a harmless, effective therapy “quackery”… and dismissed its REAL benefits as the “placebo effect.”

They’ve even tried to make you think it’s HARMFUL – despite THOUSANDS of years of safe use with STUNNING results.

But the tide may have finally turned… and I could barely believe my eyes when I read the news.

The mainstream appears to now be ACCEPTING this previously SHUNNED treatment.

Thank goodness they are!

Because they’ve got NOTHING else to offer patients who are SUFFERING beyond belief from one of the most devastating diseases you could battle…

And from some of the most BARBARIC treatments you could imagine.

If you’ve been SLAPPED with a cancer diagnosis, here’s why you’ll need to get over your fear of needles… STAT.

An ancient ‘prick trick’ for pain

The mainstream headlines about a just-out study published in JAMA Oncology might as well have declared that pigs were proven to grow wings… and the devil himself just bought a sweater.

In reality, the media headlines have MIRACULOUSLY stated the facts, and just the facts…

Acupuncture relieves cancer-related pain.

Of course, we already knew that out this traditional Chinese medicinal approach, which involves placing tiny needles strategically in just the right spots… established by thousands of years of practice.

Previous studies have shown that this ancient “needle therapy” helps relieve not only pain… but ALSO anxiety and depression.

And mood disorders like those almost CERTAINLY accompany any bout of intense pain.

In this latest meta-analysis, the researchers did establish something that seems new about this treatment.

It didn’t just SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the pain intensity

It helped the participants get OFF their pain meds!

Nearly HALF of cancer patients can’t get their pain under control…

And too many get HOOKED on deadly opioids while they try.

With that headline-grabbing spin on the very real benefits of acupuncture in pain management, the mainstream might FINALLY sit up and take notice.

Because whoever embraces the thing that helps BEAT the opioid addiction epidemic will become a HERO.

And if the mainstream can’t bring itself to feel SORRY for you when you’re WRACKED with pain…

Maybe their desire for an ego boost will be enough to finally get you the help that you need.

Recent evidence has even been compelling enough for the National Cancer Institute to admit that acupuncture may help in cancer-related pain relief…

But everybody on the mainstream side of things is maintaining that ol’ party line of “more research is needed.”

Good – let them go ahead and spend some money trying to “prove” what we already know.

In the meantime, there’s nothing stopping you from trying acupuncture on your own.

If your oncologist can’t refer you, the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture keeps a database of physicians properly trained in acupuncture.

Just click the “Find and Acupuncturist” tab at the American Academy of Medical Acupuncture website.