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ANCIENT volcano powder is a detox hero [This is insanely cool]

It’s mid-January… and you may have already tried a juice cleanse as part of your New Year’s resolutions. (As for me, I tried… and FAILED.)

This time after the holidays always seems to be about UNDOING the damage we did in the year prior…

And that usually means DETOXING.

I’ll admit that there are a lot of scams out there that use “detox” merely as a buzzword…

But occasional detoxification can have ENORMOUS benefit — as long as you use the right ingredients.

If you’re feeling weighed down by excess junk… and loaded up with substances that aren’t contributing to your good health…

There’s an easy way to ELIMINATE toxins and pollutants from your body.

I’m talking about…

  • toxic heavy metals (lead, arsenic)
  • mold poisons (a.k.a. mycotoxins)
  • radioactive elements (like cesium and other atoms found in nuclear waste)
  • nerve agents and neurotoxins (pesticides, fluoride)
  • and more.

This “miracle powder” I’m about to share with you is a natural “binding agent” that’s both cleansing… and purifying

And it’s one of the OLDEST substances you’ll ever ingest!

Use it the right way, and you might FEEL betterSLEEP better… and even THINK better!

Relieve your body’s BURDEN with this volcanic trick

In combat, the U.S. military uses a special type of gauze called QuickClot to control severe, life-threatening bleeding on the battlefield.

And the “secret ingredient” that makes that wound dressing so effective is ALSO a potent detoxifier.

It’s a miracle mineral called zeolite – and it was probably first formed here on Earth more than 300 million years ago.

It could take anywhere from 50 to 50,000 years to form completely…

But I GUARANTEE you, it’s worth the wait.

Zeolite’s name translates from the Greek to mean “boiling stones” – and that’s your first clue as to where it comes from.

This mineral occurs naturally where volcanic rock and ashes have chemically reacted with seawater, which INSTANTLY cools superheated magma after a volcanic eruption.

Every time a volcano erupts, new zeolite begins to form.

The result is so incredibly porous, it’s Mother Nature’s own filter!

And it can do the same in your body – a process we call “chelation.”

In fact, zeolite is one of the BEST chelators you’ll ever encounter.

Its honeycomb structure sets it apart from other natural detoxifiers.

Because not only can it SEPARATE molecules… but it can also BIND to them… and TRAP them into each of its little “cages.”

One animal study out of Bulgaria found that zeolite reduced the accumulation of lead in the intestine by 70%!

And it appeared to help protect the subjects’ brain tissue, too.

Your body doesn’t actually absorb zeolite – and you don’t want it to.

That way, it’ll SWEEP the “bad stuff” out of your body (you’ll literally pee it out)… without DISRUPTING the natural balance of the “good stuff” you need (like electrolytes).

That could help return PERFECT homeostasis to your body — giving a natural IMMUNITY BOOST, as your defenses no longer have to bother fighting off those “intruders.”

And then you’ll poop the remaining, undigested zeolite out the next day.

But like any chelator that SCRUBS your insides… zeolite can also interfere with any drugs you’re taking.

It’s best to use it in consultation with an integrative doc.

There are DOZENS of different zeolites out there – but the most common MEDICINAL one is called clinoptilolite (abbreviated as HEU).

There’s only ONE purified form of clinoptilolite that’s been patented… and cleared through the FDA without objection… comes as a powdered drink mixture called G-PUR.

Otherwise, look for a micronized version of your zeolite of choice (that is, ground into a very fine powder) that’s 100% pure… and NOT commercial grade (used for industrial purposes, like the product Zeolite A).

And while you’re at it, choose a product that has been thoroughly analyzed by a third party.

You can combine your zeolite routine with sauna therapy… which will help eliminate toxins through your skin as well.

A word of caution…

You don’t want to inhale zeolite dust. While the powder is safe to swallow, those tiny particles can do a number on your lungs if you breathe them in.

And if it’s mercury you’re trying to PURGE from your body, better options would be chlorella or activated charcoal.