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Big Pharma’s ‘monopoly men’ are GRABBING cash and taking NO prisoners

If your immune system has TURNED AGAINST you… and begun ATTACKING healthy tissue…

You can feel utterly helpless.

Your doc will tell you that you’ve got only ONE option…

To SUPPRESS your overactive immune reaction.

And he’s got just the drug to do it.

It’s a scenario that’s played out time and again so many times… it’s turned that drug into a BLOCKBUSTER.

The FDA has approved no less than FIVE generic versions of it – TWO of which having been greenlit within the past six months.

That’s SUPPOSED to drive the cost of the brand-name drug down, as its core patent expires.

But the opposite has just happened – the price was JACKED UP!

And the generic versions are nowhere to be found… because one Big Pharma giant is BENDING every rule to protect its market share.

The result?

This $20 billion drug’s cash grab CONTINUES to grow… with NO end in sight!

Changing the rules in the middle of the game

It’s ALREADY the world’s biggest-selling drug… with a global revenue of $20 billion.

I’m talking about Humira (a.k.a. adalimumab)…

The immunosuppressant is used to treat rheumatoid arthritis and IBD (including ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease).

Many patients with these autoimmune diseases are told they’ve got ZERO other options.

And at the same time, its manufacturer, AbbVie, just slapped a NEW price on the drug.

It’s now 7% more expensive than it was before… after its price already went up by 19% between 2017 and 2019.

Now, it’s not SO unusual for drugmakers to introduce price increases with the start of a new year…

But by comparison, the current inflation rate is just 2%.

This is clearly NOT a mere adjustment per the current cost of living…

It’s price GOUGING!

Even other money-grubbing Pharma execs were only greedy enough to increase the price of their drugs by 5%.

Maybe they’re finally CAVING to the pressure…coming straight from the Oval Office… to drive drug prices DOWN.

So, how is AbbVie BUCKING the system… and GETTING AWAY with it?

The company has managed to HINDER competition from generic versions by aggressively WHEELING and DEALING its way around the patent laws.

According to one expert on the generics side of the business, AbbVie has built a “fortress” of 100 additional patents around Humira to protect its “monopoly pricing.”

The approved generic drugs can’t launch while those patents are still in effect.

That leaves Humira with 100% of the market shareuntil at least the year 2023.

And it gives AbbVie another three years to SKYROCKET its price.

It’s not like this in Europe, where generic versions of Humira have been made available to patients… and have taken a bite out of Humira’s sales.

AbbVie won’t make the same mistake in this country.

If you’re told that you need to take this drug, it could cost more than $72,000 a year!

Your insurance would hopefully “cover” most of that… and your copay wouldn’t BANKRUPT you…

But don’t tell me your insurance premiums or level of coverage won’t take a hit as a result.

Regardless, drugmakers will make sure that money goes STRAIGHT into their pockets.

What if I told you that you DON’T need to let Big Pharma STICK it to you with this injectable drug?

As with any immunosuppressive therapy, taking Humira can set you up for infectionspotentially DEADLY ones.

It can even put you in the crosshairs for a FATAL form of lymphoma.

AbbVie may have YOUR DOC on the hook… whether he’s a rheumatologist, dermatologist, or gastroenterologist…

But YOU have alternatives.

Work with an integrative doc on natural therapies for autoimmune disorders, like…

  • N-Acetylglucosamine
  • Chinese or white peony
  • vitamin B6
  • cinnamon
  • and more.

And, of course, pairing an anti-inflammatory diet with probiotics and plenty of soluble fiber will go a long way in easing your symptoms, too.