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How the dairy industry could be DRUGGING your brain

There’s a reason you can’t seem to put down your favorite treats – whether it’s egg nog, cheese, or ice cream.

And it’s not just because it’s the “holidays”… and we’re so happy celebrating.

Corporate fat cats have figured out a way to get us HOOKED on them.

That’s right — your food has been ENGINEERED to keep you coming back for more.

It’s a “secret weapon” that makes you eat WAY more of these foods than your body needs… or than could possibly be healthy.

And before you take your next bite, you’ll want to hear what it is.

This is your brain on dairy

It’s an ingredient called casein.

On the surface, casein seems perfectly natural. It’s even found naturally in cow’s milk.

But Big Food is HIDING a dark truth about casein…

It works its way into your brain, where it breaks down into morphine-like compounds called casomorphins.

This opiate effect is what keeps human babies – and baby cows – coming back for mother’s milk, when it’s essential to their survival.

Calves eventually wean and start grazing on the pasture, just like their moms.

But we humans continue getting our “fix” far into adulthood… and maybe for the rest of our lives.

And that’s exactly what Big Dairy is banking on.

As with anything else that’s addictive – from street drugs to gambling – casein targets your dopamine receptors.

Eventually, you need more and more cheese to get the same “high” you used to get when you first started eating it.

In a 2010 study sponsored by the NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse, researchers proved the theory when they got rats “hooked” on cheesecake.

How did they know that the rats’ compulsive cheesecake-eating was an ADDICTION rather than just enthusiasm for a tasty treat?

Because, as with people who are addicted, they couldn’t STOP eating cheesecake to avoid negative consequences.

The dairy industry has capitalized on what they know about these cravings… and has gotten nearly every OTHER food product possible paired with cheese.

Why? Because cheese has the highest casein concentration of any food.

That’s what makes it so hard to stop eating pizza. And if the pizza crust is stuffed with cheese, it’s a goldmine.

Casein has even been planted into products that are SUPPOSED to be non-dairy – like vegan cheese.

It may not come from cow milk, but it’s still got the cow milk protein that turns your brain into a junkie for cheese.

Even fake cheez.

Fast food restaurants have gone so low as to add casein to OTHER foods – like buns and sausages – to trigger the same reaction as when you eat cheese.

They’ll tell you it’s because casein acts as a powerful binding agent.

But now you know the real reason they’re sneaking it into the food you eat.

Clearly, avoiding dairy isn’t enough to completely unhook yourself. You’ve got to look for labels that say “casein-free.”

Or, just switch the KIND of dairy you’re buying and consuming.

Because there are actually TWO different kinds of casein protein: A1 and A2. Both induce that morphine-like addictive state, but A2 is the far weaker one.

You can buy cow’s milk that contains just A2 proteins… or switch to goat’s or sheep’s milk, which naturally contain only A2.