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REVEALED: The ‘island secret’ to OVERCOMING worn-out joints

If you’re one of the more than 30 million Americans who suffer from osteoarthritis

You know all too well the pain… not to mention the swollen, stiff joints.

Whether this “wear and tear” form of arthritis has socked it to your kneeships… or even hands

The odds of avoiding a disability aren’t in your favor… even if you follow ALL your doc’s orders.

And you’re too young to suffer from an utter loss of independence.

Fortunately, there’s a natural way to ease the symptoms of OA – one that’s got a centuries-long history, dating back to the Pre-Columbian Era.

Here’s the secret ingredient locked away in a prickly “paradise plant”… and how to get it in just the right form.

SLASH your joint pain in HALF… or more?

Your doc will say you’ve only got 3 options:

  1. stomach-wrecking painkillers
  2. ineffective and possibly dangerous steroidal joint injections, or
  3. joint replacement.

But there’s something else he’s not telling you about…

And it’s so safe, you should try it before ALL the rest!

It comes from the stem of pineapples (Ananas comosus) – a fruit Columbus was so taken with, he brought it back to Spain with him after exploring the Caribbean in 1493.

It wasn’t until 1527 that pineapple arrived on the Big Island of Hawaii, where the locals named it “hala-kahiki” and incorporated it into Hawaiian traditional medicine.

By then, its medicinal history was already lengthy – both in its native Brazil and throughout Central and South America.

It took hundreds of years MORE… but the long-forgotten, pioneering chemist Vicente Marcano from Venezuela was the first to discover and isolate its active constituent in 1891

He called the substance “bromelin”… but we now know it as bromelain.

Bromelain is actually a mixture of protein-digesting (or “proteolytic”) enzymes that acts as a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic.

In patients with acute pain, bromelain has helped provide relief by as much as 60%… and by more than 50% in those with chronic pain.

Even the ultra-mainstream Arthritis Foundation has ADMITTED that bromelain could have “pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects comparable to NSAIDs.”

We’re not just talking about pain, either – because it can also reduce swelling by as much as 72%!

Study participants have also reported improvements in stiffnessphysical function… and overall psychological well-being.

Bromelain first emerged as a therapeutic supplement in 1957 – but even 60 years later, its mainstream therapeutic use is still limited to Germany and other overseas countries.

In Eastern Europe and former Soviet Republic countries, bromelain is available alongside trypsin and rutin in a well-studied combination formula known as Phlogenzym.

Germany’s bromelain-based pharmaceutical is sold under the brand name Wobenzym in 22 countries — including at American health food stores and online.

Stem bromelain (SBM) is also available stateside as a supplement in pill or tablet form. Standard dosages range from 80 to 400 mg, taken two to three times daily on an empty stomach.

This should go without saying… but don’t even TRY bromelain if you’re allergic to pineapple or have had any other allergic reactions or sensitivities that might be pineapple-related.