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Shocking WWI discovery CONQUERS superbug infections?

When you’re seriously, severely ill… it’s the LAST thing you want to hear from your doc.

“The drugs aren’t working.”

But that’s EXACTLY what’s happening more and more frequently…

Especially to patients infected with so-called “superbugs” – strains of bacteria that have evolved to resist nearly EVERY antibiotic we’ve thrown their way.

All the mainstream does in those cases is pump you full of MORE, STRONGER antibiotics… even combining several antibiotic drugs in hopes of BLITZING the bacteria.

And when THAT fails… they’ve got ZILCH for a backup plan.

That’s why an estimated 10 million will die from antimicrobial resistance… EVERY YEAR… by the year 202.0.

But there IS a Plan B. The mainstream just hasn’t come around to it yet!

That’s why you won’t hear ANYTHING about it from them.

It’s being called “the ultimate bacterial killer”…

And you’re not going to BELIEVE where it comes from!

In praise of the picky eater

No American hospitals currently treat patients with bacteriophages.

And that’s a CRYING SHAME.

Because they work… when NO antibiotics can.

The name comes from the Greek word “phagein,” which means to devour. So, it follows that bacteriophages devour bacteria.

Known simply as “phages,” they were first identified in French World War I soldiers with dysentery.

It turns out that these “microbes of immunity” made the difference between becoming deathly ill… and just getting mildly sick.

These bacteria-eaters are actually viruses… but they WON’T make you sick.

Quite the opposite – they stealthily GOBBLE up the bacteria that ARE making you sick without disrupting any other aspect of your health.

They don’t even mess with your healthy gut flora!

While antibiotics are indiscriminate GLUTTONS, destroying all bacteria in their wake (including your “good bugs”)… phages are culinary snobs.

In fact, phages’ appetites are SO persnickety… many of them will only target ONE species of bacterium.

And some won’t even bother with every strain of a certain species… instead feasting ONLY on the ones they like the most.

But they can DESTROY the “bad bugs” that have learned to EVADE antibiotics — like MRSA, CRE, C. diff (or “deadly diarrhea”), E. coli, and more!

In an in vitro study out of Australia published last year, phages killed more than 98% of a colony of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria – one of the biggest culprits of infection after joint replacement procedures.

Now, the right phage for any given bacterial infection could come from the soilpond water… or even feces.

But remember – this isn’t broad-spectrum therapy.

The phage has to be an EXACT match to the bacterium… or it won’t work.

If the key fits the lock PERFECTLY… it’ll work better than anything else we have access to today.

There’s even some evidence that even if phages don’t KILL certain bacteria, they can damage them enough to make them vulnerable to the antibiotics they previously resisted.

Imagine something natural and safe that could REVERSE antibiotic resistance!

In this country, phages are being used right now – but as food preservatives and in veterinary medicine, NOT human medicine.

Phages are not currently approved by the FDA in this country…

But overseas, doctors and hospitals ARE treating people with phages – for instance, in Poland and former Soviet republics like Georgia, where the Eliava Institute has been researching their use since 1923.

Russian military medics have been using phages heavily for at least three decades!

Over the last five or six years, the European Medicines Agency has been putting some muscle behind getting their use fully vetted in several countries.

And companies in France are currently scrambling to bring phages to market.

So, if you find yourself SACKED by a superbug, going abroad may be the last resort that could save you.