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Could this Chinese herb be the key to ERASING hot flashes?

Is it hot in here?

If it’s nearly November… and you’re sweating up a storm while everyone around you is bundled up in sweaters… it might just be YOU.

But it’s not your fault.

Menopause has turned your body into a furnace.

And it’s one that runs ALL night long!

Fortunately, there’s a way to COOL OFF… and get QUALITY sleep.

It’s a time-tested natural herb that can help CURB the symptoms of your plummeting estrogen levels…

And LEGIONS of older women have SWORN by it!

Improve your comfort level, day and night

The traditional Chinese herb dong quai (Angelica sinensis) is also known as “female ginseng”…

And for thousands of years, it’s been a GODSEND for women going through menopause.

Dong quai is one of those plants that exhibits estrogen-like effects – which means it’s NOT for the guys.

Gals, this one’s just for you!

Research shows that herbal formulas that contain dong quai can…

  • DECREASE the number and intensity of hot flashes
  • REDUCE night sweats by as much as 69%, and
  • ALLEVIATE sleep disturbances and fatigue.

In fact, in one study, the dong quai herbal blend completely ERASED hot flashes in 47% of the women taking it.

And it can start working within the first month of taking it.

But you’ll want to take it longer than that… because it works even BETTER at the three-month mark… and beyond.

As you know, Traditional Chinese Medicine RARELY utilizes any single herb on its own… rather combining them for MAXIMUM impact.

The other herbs that have been combined with dong quai in laboratory settings include chamomile, American ginseng, black cohosh, milk thistle, red clover, and vitex.

Dong quai grows high up in the mountain ranges of China, Japan, and Korea, where it’s harvested in the fall and the root is dried.

But fortunately, you don’t have to hop a plane to Asia to get it.

Dong quai root is available as a supplement form on its own… in capsule or tincture form… or as part of phytoestrogen complexes containing other menopause-relieving herbs.  

Choose one from a maker you trust.

Other herbs to try include schisandra, rhapontic, alfalfa, clary sage, and shatavari.

And if herbal remedies don’t work for you… and you choose to boost your estrogen with hormone replacement therapy… just make sure it’s with bioidentical hormones.