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[Alert] DISGUSTING new pork rules could leave you sick as a pig

Is there anything better than the sound of bacon sizzling in a frying pan?

Or how about the smell of sausage cooking on a grill?

Or the memories of carving into a mouth-watering baked ham at Christmas dinner?

I LOVE pork… maybe more than most folks.

But in just a couple weeks, I’ll probably never eat mass-produced pork again.

And, believe me, you’ll be swearing off the “other white meat,” too.

The federal government and the pork industry have quietly collaborated on a HORRIFYING new inspection protocol that could put MILLIONS of us at risk.

It’s practically GUARANTEED to lead to food poisoning

And we’re running out of time to keep ourselves safe.

Flying (and filthy) pigs

We may never get to see pigs fly…

But when 1,500 pigs speed down an assembly line every hour, it’ll sure FEEL like they’re flying.

That’s just one of the stupid… incompetent… utterly dangerous features of the USDA’s New Swine Slaughter Inspection System.

You see, previous regulations had limits on “line speed” – processing plants were allowed to only slaughter 1,106 pigs her hour.

That’s 18 pigs a minute.

Processing plants were already FAILING at their jobs…

And now that USDA is ELIMINATING limits on line speeds, they’ll be trying to kill even more pigs, faster than ever.

So, how can they properly inspect a pig every three seconds to make sure it’s not diseased… or filthy?

Well, they can’t.

Even the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that pork-related illnesses are significantly INCREASING around America.

But instead of REINING in the pork industry… and KEEPING us safe… the new USDA rules will allow companies to avoid USDA inspectors…


And hire their OWN EMPLOYEES to oversee food safety!

And, as of now, there are essentially no training requirements.

Wow, what could go wrong???

Well, we don’t have to wonder. We’ve already seen what a disaster these new regulations will be.

The USDA has been running pilot programs at pork processing facilities. And undercover video showed that pigs covered in sores… open wounds… and their own waste were approved for slaughter.

Now, this literal sh*t show is being rolled out on a national scale.

And trust me – the USDA won’t halt this on its own. It’s too deep in the pockets of the pork industry.

These regulations will go into effect in mid-November (just in time for the holiday season)… unless WE stop them.

That’s why we all need to contact our members of Congress and ask them to pressure the USDA into scrapping this awful plan.

You know, before the entire pork industry becomes a giant pig in a poke.