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[URGENT] Cancer meds pushed on women WITHOUT CANCER?!

Is there anything more MISERABLE and BARBARIC than mainstream cancer treatments?

How many people RIGHT NOW are spending their days doubled over the toiletpuking their guts outwasting away to nothing… and watching their hair fall out in clumps?

These are desperate and horrible treatments reserved for desperate and horrible times.

At least, they used to be…

Now, there’s a dangerous movement to FORCE cancer meds on women who don’t have cancer at all!

Imagine suffering through round after round of miserable cancer treatment… for NO BENEFIT WHATSOEVER.

This crackpot notion is gaining steam.

And the time is now to protect yourself and the women you love.

All of the chemo… none of the cancer

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force is supposed to be a panel of independent scientific advisers.

But here’s the truth…

They’re about as independent as a 45-year-old living in his parents’ basement.

These guys are deep, deep in Big Pharma’s pockets. And most of what the USPSTF does is recommend you take more drugs.

But cancer drugs… for people who don’t have cancer? Have they lost their minds?

You see, the USPSTF just put out guidelines calling for more “chemoprevention,” where women at high risk for breast cancer are loaded up with cancer drugs.

Even though, you know, these women are completely cancer-free.

The drugs being most recommended are estrogen blockers like tamoxifen and raloxifene, which are typically given during breast cancer treatment to keep the disease from spreading.

Let me give you a look at the SHORT LIST of raloxifene side effects:

  • muscle and joint pain
  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • serious infections, and more.

Any of these sound familiar?

These are all the WORST side effects we imagine with cancer treatment — the kind that come from radiation, hormone blocking, and chemotherapy.

That’s right, ladies…

You, too, can finally enjoy all of the pleasures of feeling like you’re on chemotherapy… without actually having cancer.

All thanks to our friends at the UPSTF.

The only thing that’s stopping this craziness is that many doctors are refusing to do it – they won’t get on board with the whole “chemoprevention” thing.

Thank God for that… and even researchers admit it’s a “big ask” to expect doctors to participate.

No. Expecting your grandkids to turn off their cellphones during dinner is a big ask.

Expecting doctors to prescribe TOXIC cancer meds to cancer-free women is a HUGE…DANGEROUS… and STUPID ask.

If you or someone you love is at high risk for breast cancer, make sure you’re being monitored closely.

But for God’s sake… don’t let ANYONE pressure you into taking cancer meds you don’t need.