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Going ‘meatless’ could make your brain BLEED! [Killer vegan diet finally EXPOSED]

It’s one of the biggest SHAMS in “healthy eating.”

They tell you to give up one of the BEST sources of brain-boosting, muscle-strengthening, bone-building protein

And to replace it with HEAVILY processed, chemically DOUSED substitutes.

They even say that it’ll BOOST your heart health.

But there’s something they’re not telling you…

Because there’s a DARK SECRET behind one of today’s most popular food trends.

And a shocking new study spills the beans… IF you look beyond the mainstream headlines.

Here’s why you should NEVER ditch eating meat.

Time to sharpen your steak knives

I’ll admit, it’s hard not to listen when vegetarians and vegans get on their high horses about giving up meat.

They CLAIM they feel so much better… and that they’re healthier than ANY meat-eater.

But a new study tells another story.

A just-out report published in the BMJ reveals the shocking truth

That the meatless dieters show a higher risk of stroke.

And not just by a little – but by a whopping 20%.

The elevated risk is especially connected to hemorrhagic stroke – the kind where an artery leaks blood into your brain.

And an intracerebral hemorrhage like that can send you into the hospital… or an early grave.

Some experts have FOOLED the mainstream media into reporting that the heightened stroke risk doesn’t matter… that it’s offset by the OTHER health benefits of following a plant-based diet.

And it’s true that vegetarians and vegans tend to have a lower risk of coronary artery disease.

But that tells me that the meat-eaters they’re studying are eating the WRONG kinds of meat!

Because there’s a HUGE difference between an organic, grass-fed, free-range steak from a local ranch… and a fast food burger patty.

A healthy T-bone fired up on the grill will provide ESSENTIAL building blocks for your bones, muscles, and brain.

And some of that is fat.

Vegetarians and vegans notoriously have ROCK BOTTOM levels of cholesterol.

While that may keep your arteries from CLOGGING…

Depriving yourself of fat WEAKENS your brain!

That may be why pescatarians are able to DODGE this elevated stroke risk.

They’re getting at least SOME healthy fats from eating fish.

There’s something else the mainstream isn’t reporting…

Vegetarianism and veganism don’t necessarily lower the risk of MORTALITY from coronary artery disease.

And the study’s authors even ADMIT that the lower risk of coronary artery disease among the non-meat-eaters might be because of lower BMIblood pressure… and diabetes.

But you don’t have to give up animal proteins ENTIRELY in order to maintain healthy weight, BP, or blood sugar.

You just have to ditch the ones that are over-processedfried… and smothered and covered.

Even if your vessels aren’t working PERFECTLY now… you haven’t reached the point of no return.

There are many herbs and supplement formulas that can support the health of your blood vessels and help keep your blood pressure in check.

But you may NEVER come back from a stroke, once it strikes.

And even if you SURVIVE it… you may NEVER be the same.