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UTIs keep coming back? NUKE ’EM… with this ‘triple threat’ therapy 

You know what’s happening at that FIRST twinge of pain 

And then the burning sets in. 

You’ve got ANOTHER urinary tract infection (UTI). 

You have to wonder… Did your last one ever REALLY go away? 

UTIs are one of the top infections that PLAGUE seniors – especially older gals, and especially those in hospitals, nursing homes, and other managed care facilities. 

Taking an antibiotic might clear your UTI temporarily… 

But it won’t keep it from coming BACK. 

Fortunately, there’s a rejuvenating herb that helps support the healthy function of your urinary system 

And it BANISHES anything that causes an infection “down there.” 

Even if you’ve NEVER been able to get rid of your UTIs completely – because antibiotics have FAILED you 

That’s because they don’t decrease irritation… or heal the delicate tissues of your urinary tract. 

But this herbal alternative DOES. And it’ll do something else, too… 

SLAM THE DOOR on any future infections! 

A clean sweep of your urinary tract 

The plant Boerhavia diffusa was named after Hermann Boerhaave, a famous 18th-century physician. 

Sometimes called the “Dutch Hippocrates,” he famously suffered from kidney stones and gout… 

And that may be why he led the charge in studying the urinary tract, becoming the first scientist to isolate the chemical urea from urine. 

But long before it received its scientific name, B. diffusa was known by the people of India as “punarnava.” 

There, they eat its leaves as a leafy green vegetable… and use its roots for medicine 

The ancient medical practice of Ayurveda considers punarnava as useful for water metabolism 

Because it acts as a mild diuretic, which can relieve edema and promote a healthy flow of urine 

That makes punarnava one of the most cleansing and best detoxifying Ayurvedic herbs – one that can tackle even the WORST urinary troubles 

Punarnava is a potent anti-inflammatoryanalgesicantimicrobialand immunomodulatory weapon in your arsenal… 

And its powers pose a TRIPLE THREAT to a nagging UTI. 

Thousands of years of human use have shown that it… 

  • RELIEVES pain and burning while you pee 
  • KILLS microbial pathogens, including the most common culprit behind UTIs, E. coli, and  
  • CLEARS UP your infection COMPLETELY. 

The most scientific research on punarnava available is on an Ayurvedic preparation called Unex by Unijules Life Sciences 

Its results can be DRAMATIC… and within just 8 weeks. 

One 2018 study found that it can start making you feel significantly better in as little as 2 weeks.  

And it’s incredibly safe. Just be aware that any diuretic may lower your blood pressure – so check with your doc before combining punarnava with any BP-lowering meds. 

Look for Unex online – and if you can’t get your hands on it, try punarnava root powder supplements in capsule form.  

To saying bye-bye to UTIs, 

Melissa Young