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[COVER UP!] Did the U.S. government WEAPONIZE this devastating disease?

This may be the craziest thing you’ll hear all month.  

A shocking new accusation claims that the Department of Defense may have done the UNTHINKABLE… 

And turned a devastating disease into an epidemic.   

Did the Pentagon PLANT diseases on insects to research how they could deploy bioweapons with them? 

That’s what the U.S. House of Representatives is DEMANDING to know. 

It wouldn’t be the first time that the U.S. government had WEAPONIZED something… and then watched it spiral out of control 

Of course, the feds are admitting NOTHING 

But the facts paint a grim picture of this growing threat. 

Did a covert government plot go awry? 

U.S. government officials first tested biological weapons during World War I. 

That’s when they considered weaponizing a natural toxin in castor beans, called ricin. 

They say they stopped short of actually USING ricin as a weapon… 

But the testing of other biological agents didn’t stop there.  

In fact, the research behind “germ warfareEXPLODED after World War II.  

We’re talking developing cluster bombs made of anthrax and ways to contaminate the livestock of our enemies 

The experiments were SUPPOSED to end in 1969, when President Nixon outlawed them… 

But not everyone is convinced they actually DID stop.  

And now, an amendment to the 2020 Defense Authorization Act demands answers to lingering questions about one of the biggest public health mysteries of the 20th century 

Specifically, the DOD Inspector General must report whether the feds experimented with the Lyme disease-causing bacterium Borrelia – carried by deer ticks — at a top-secret research facility off of Long Island 

Not only that, but to finally find out HOW the disease “got out. 

Did the feds intentionally release it… or lose control and let it slip out? 

You see, Lyme disease (Lyme borreliosis) is relatively new as far as diseases go.  

We never heard about anything remotely close to Lyme disease before the late 1960s 

In fact, when it first emerged, docs thought it was a form of arthritis 

Scientists first identified Lyme as its own disease in 1975 – which coincides with the timing of super-classified experiments that were allegedly conducted on government-owned military bases and islands! 

And where Lyme FIRST broke out was SUSPICIOUSLY close to where those federal facilities were located.  

It’s possible that researchers were WASTING their time trying to pin Lyme disease down… while the feds knew what they were dealing with all along.  

They might’ve even set the wheels in motion as early as 1950! 

When you think about it, Lyme DOES make the perfect weapon, as it… 

  • TRANSMITS unnoticed, via a TINY tick that latches on for days and is difficult to remove   
  • DODGES immediate detection, giving it time to wreak havoc while concealed 
  • AFFLICTS the host with a broad variety of symptoms 
  • SHUTS DOWN multiple body systems, and 
  • MASQUERADES as other diseases, helping it avoid treatment that would actually clear it up. 

I don’t think anybody believes that the feds CREATED Lyme disease. The fossil record too easily contradicts that notion. 

But did they awaken something dangerous… that had long been DORMANT? 

ANY government would want to harness the powers of an infectious agent that works its way through the nervous, cardiovascular, and skeletal systems, and more… all while escaping detection 

There are three things we know for sure: 

  1. The feds did grow MASSIVE tick colonies in a government lab. 
  2. Countries like Cuba and North Korea have accused our government of using bioweapons (particularly during the Cold War), which the feds have denied. 
  3. The research and development of only OFFENSIVE biological weapons were outlawed. The military may have been experimenting with DEFENSIVE weapons this whole time. 

But did our government turn against Americans by letting Lyme out? 

We may NEVER find out.  

The demands regarding Lyme may not make it into the final version of the 2020 Defense Authorization 

Here at eAlert, we’ll be watching closely and reporting back as this story develops.