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Make UTIs disappear with this spicy ‘kitchen secret’

It’s one of the most common infections to afflict seniors — especially older gals. 

And when you’ve got a UTI, you’d do almost ANYTHING to get rid of it… and keep it from EVER coming back. 

Repeated rounds of antibiotics often just make these urinary infections worse. 

And even if your doc is enlightened enough to recommend a natural cure like cranberry… he’s IGNORING one of the biggest culprits behind bladder problems. 


When you can’t control your blood sugar, you’re as much as 10 TIMES more likely to develop a UTI.  

You can’t completely get rid of a UTI without treating the blood sugar woes. 

There’s an herbal remedy that can do BOTH… and you might have some of it in your kitchen right now.  

The one-two punch of a polarizing plant 

If you’ve got a daring palate, you might’ve already encountered sprigs of the cilantro plant (Coriandrum sativum) in a bowl of guacamole or mixed in with curry.  

It looks like parsley… and it’s sometimes even called “Chinese parsley.” 

But it tastes VERY different. 

Some folks LOVE the flavor… while others have a funny genetic predisposition that makes cilantro taste like soap.  

Either way, this herb is double trouble for UTIs… 

Because the dried seeds of the cilantro planta.k.a. coriander seeds can beat back the infection if it does occur.  

This plant’s UTI-busting action is four-pronged:  

  1. antibacterial: Helps clear your urinary tract of infectious agents, including a common culprit of UTIs, E. coli 
  2. anti-inflammatory: Can help beat back infections and diabetes 
  3. antioxidant: Contains quercetin, often used as a natural treatment for UTIs.  
  4. antidiabetic: Significantly lowers blood sugar, increases insulin secretion, and improves insulin resistance. 

That last one is more important than you might think… 

Because high amounts of glucose in your urine can set you up for a UTI.  

And diabetics notoriously have a difficult time fully emptying their bladders – yet another factor that puts you in the crosshairs for a UTI.  

Fortunately, a 2018 study out of India found that coriander extract’s antidiabetic activity was COMPARABLE to that of the diabetes drug glibenclamide 

It’s no wonder that coriander has been the go-to therapy for diabetes in the traditional medicines of India, Morocco, and beyond… for AGES.  

You can find fresh cilantro in pretty much any produce aisle – just make sure it’s organic. 

If your taste buds can’t stand cilantro, it’s also available in supplement form as a capsule or tincture. 

You’ll find dried, ground coriander seeds in the spice aisle or in capsule form at your local health food store or online. 

If you’re not sure which would be better for your situation, check with an integrative doctor.