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Ease digestive UPHEAVAL with this ‘bartender’s secret’

When you’re struggling with digestive issues, it can be enough to make you want to NEVER eat again. 

But that won’t solve anything. 

If you’re experiencing bloatingstomachacheand symptoms of low acid you need to FEED your gut the RIGHT thing to heal it! 

There’s an herbal remedy that can ERASE all those complaints… AND stimulate your appetite, too.  

But to get folks to try it, a pioneering herbalist had to sneak it into an alcoholic concoction… one that now has a CULT following. 

You can reap ALL the benefits of this digestive tonic WITHOUT getting liquored up.  

Just trace it back to its herbal roots! 

Here’s how.   

No bitter pill 

There’s a “secret ingredient” that keeps people coming back to a cocktail called “picon punch, despite its boozy flavor profile and its limited availability 

It’s a lost liqueur with an orange flavor — a type of bitters called Amer Picon. 

Even teetotalers scramble to get their hands on a bottle! 

Now, we know that these low-alcohol, herbal concoctions help with digestion – either before or after a meal. The word “Amer” is French for “bitters.” 

But Amer Picon… named after its Italian-born inventor, Gaétan Picon… is special for its unique set of herbs, discovered by its namesake in the mid-19th century while he served in the French Army 

It came out at just the right place… and at the right time… to unseat absinthe as France’s most popular drink.  

Because it included cinchona bark (the source of quinine), it immediately proved its value in treating malaria and other fevers 

Snake oil salesmen took notice… and pitched it for nearly every OTHER malady, too.  

But they were right about one thing 

Amer picon is GREAT for digestive issues. 

The key ingredient that makes it a powerful stomach tonic is the bitter herb known as gentian 

It gets its bitter taste from amarogentin, one of the most bitter natural compounds you can find ANYWHERE.  

That’s what stimulates your appetite and increases the production of saliva and gastric juices (including bile) 

The more digestive juices you’ve got flowing, the faster your system will move food through your stomach and out of your body… while taking enough time to absorb all the nutrients you need 

The gentian compound with the most pharmacological value is called gentiopicroside, whose actions include: 

  • detoxifying 
  • purifying 
  • antimicrobial 
  • anti-inflammatory, and  
  • pain-relieving 

One more compound in gentian, called erythricine, can calm down the smooth muscle that’s spasming and cramping 

“True” Amer picon disappeared from this country sometime in the last century… and now is only sold in France or online.  

You can get some approximations of the original recipe from Torani (the flavored syrup company) and some micro-distillers in the Western U.S., where it first rose to fame among Americans 

Or, cut out the middleman… skip the bartender and go straight for gentian root (usually Gentiana lutea, but other species as well) 

Also called Long Dan Cao in Traditional Chinese Medicine, look for it in tea or tincture form. 

If you swallow it in capsule form, you’ll leapfrog right over the benefits of tasting the herb’s bitterness!