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GUARANTEE your cancer recovery is a SLAM-DUNK with this seaweed secret

If you want to find some of the lowest cancer rates in the world, look no further than the Japanese archipelago. 

The incidences of cancer among Japanese people are WAY below those of France, UK, Canada, and the U.S. (among others). 

But it’s getting worse 

Asian countries are becoming more “westernized”… and eating more of our processed foods… and their cancer rates are going UP as a result.  

There are plenty of natural, cancer-fighting foods that have been a STAPLE of the Japanese diet – FOR AGES. 

And there’s one in particular that can SLOW tumor developmentASSASSINATE cancer cells… and make cancer drugs WORK BETTER with FEWER adverse events.  

Here’s why the Japanese need to get “back to basics” with their food supply… and why Americans should follow suit. 

A marine battle plan 

If there’s one ingredient that MULTIPLE Asian cultures have used extensively in their cooking, it’s seaweed 

Eating this “sea vegetable” hasn’t really caught on in Europe or North America 

But it should. 

Because as far back as 300 B.C., the value of seaweed has extended BEYOND its culinary use and into the world of herbal medicine 

And while our Big Pharma-funded scientists have their heads buried in laboratories while developing TOXIC cancer drugs… the Japanese simply need to look to their local oceans and seas. 

You see, different types of seaweed contain a substance KNOWN for its ability to fight cancer – a highly sulphated sugar molecule (a.k.a. polysaccharide) called “fucoidan.” 

This compound was first isolated from brown algae over a CENTURY ago in 1913! 

But the scientific community has only sat up and taken notice in the last 20 or so years…  

There’s one type of brown seaweed that’s ESPECIALLY rich in fucoidan 

And it’s been around since nearly the beginning of time 

It’s called mozuku (Cladosiphon okamuranus) – and I GUARANTEE you’ve never seen it on ANY menu.  

Fucoidan extracted from mozuku is an adept cancer ASSASSIN… in more ways than one. 

It can kill cancer cells directly AND induce “cell suicide” (a.k.a. apoptosis) by creating a cellular environment that’s SO TOXIC, the cells either die… or OFF THEMSELVES.  

But inducing oxidative stress isn’t enough to completely DESTROY a tumor… and ERASE all traces of cancer from your body. 

That’s why fucoidan harnesses the power of your immune system. 

Research shows that it stimulates an immune response, partially by forcing dendritic cells to mature. 

That sets off a cascade of events, which includes three CRUCIAL steps to eradicating cancer: 

  1. GROWING more natural killer cells, which are toxic to cancer cells. 
  2. ACTIVATING macrophages, which literally DEVOUR cancer cells. 
  3. TRIGGERING T-cells (a.k.a. a type of white blood cell known as a lymphocyte), which directly attack cancer cells. 

These mechanisms have been shown to work in vitro on lymphoma, melanoma, and lung and colon cancer cell lines. 

In breast cancer cell lines, fucoidan has shown to work in SYNERGY with three different chemotherapy agents 

Outcomes improved with chemo drugs were combined with fucoidan, compared to the drugs alone. 

Even better, fucoidan can protect your healthy cells from taking a beating during your mainstream cancer therapies.  

In a 2011 study, Japanese researchers found that fucoidan can suppress the toxic effects of the cancer drug 5-Fluorouracil – which can include nausea, loss of appetite, and weakness. 

Study participants taking fucoidan with 5-FU in the study experienced less fatigue tolerated more rounds of chemotherapy and saw their prognosis IMPROVED 

And fucoidan has been proven safe in humans, even in high amounts.  

The only problem?  

No standardized extraction or purification protocols exist. We don’t yet know the best way to get the fucoidan… and whether other seaweed compounds help it work better or CONTAMINATE it. 

For now, choose a supplement from a quality maker you trust.