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Put your precious memories on LOCKDOWN with this BANNED ‘smartweed’

When you’re facing memory loss – either your own or that of someone you love – it’s easy to feel helpless. 

There’s NO drug that can slow or even stop the loss of your precious memories… or help you GET BACK the memories you’ve already lost. 

And while some non-drug alternatives promise to boost your brain, cutting through the clutter to figure out what will work can seem IMPOSSIBLE 

Take resveratrol, for instance. Does the mainstream REALLY expect you to get the amount of this potent antioxidant you need… by drinking red wine? 

There’s another – and better – source for this brain-boosting nutrient.  

It’s been DEMONIZED as one of the world’s WORST weeds and all the mainstream media has reported on is how to get rid of it.  

In some countries, it’s even illegal to grow it… or even let it grow in the wild 

But it’s not a scourge – if you know exactly how to harness its health-promoting powers 

Because as it turns out. it delivers resveratrol in EXACTLY the form your brain needs! 

Terrorist… or treasure? 

If you were to believe everything you heard, you’d dismiss Japanese knotweed (Fallopia japonica) as the MONSTROSITY it’s been made out to be.  

In the UK, it’s been dubbed an alien species… and it’s treated like TOXIC WASTE! 

Maybe you’ve read the stories about homeowners whose mortgage applications have been REFUSED… property values have PLUMMETED… and houses have been deemed UNSELLABLE.  

Some homeowners have been driven to MADNESS – and they’ve blamed it on Japanese knotweed.  

This hardy plant, native to the volcanic slopes of Japan, is a PARAGON of survivalism 

It grows tall, in dense thickets… it can tolerate a wide range of soil types… and it can withstand subfreezing temperatures 

Cutting it down won’t kill it. Neither will digging it up.  

Its underground network of roots can grow as deep as 10 feet below the surface… and spread as wide as a football field. And even the tiniest piece of root can give rise to a whole new plant. 

But there’s a reason to celebrate… because it’s the root extracts of Japanese knotweed where resveratrol is MOST ABUNDANT! 

And studies on both animals and people have shown that resveratrol safely protects against memory impairment… and improves cognitive performance.  

It’s no wonder that this plant is sometimes called Japanese “smartweed.”  

Thanks to its widespread growth… and its reputation for being UNKILLABLE our supply of it is practically LIMITLESS! 

Even better, the kind of resveratrol that can be extracted from Japanese knotweed roots is the purest form available – known as “trans-resveratrol.” 

That’s the form of resveratrol that your body can best absorb AND utilize 

Sure, red grapes are high in resveratrol, too – but your body has to convert THAT form of resveratrol into trans-resveratrol.  

That extra step could mean the difference between saving and losing your precious memories.  

Japanese knotweed is edible – some say it tastes like a rhubarb, without the sweetness. 

Unfortunately, most places you’ll find it growing have been treated with the herbicide glyphosate – in a futile attempt to get rid of it.  

For an uncontaminated supply, you can find it in teabags, often labeled as itadori tea 

Look for it in supplement form as well – labeled with its scientific name (which is also Polygonum cuspidatum), common name, or simply as “resveratrol.”  

Just make sure it’s sourced from Japanese knotweed and is free of impurities.