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This crazy ‘lung trick’ makes anxiety DISAPPEAR

When anxiety flares up… the feeling is just as PHYSICAL as it is MENTAL.

While your mind races, your heart pounds… and your chest tightens.

You might not feel like you can breathe at all…

And once you recover, you never know WHEN an attack might strike again — but you know that it WILL.

Big Pharma’s anxiety treatments either knock you out in the short term… or turn you into the dullest knife in the drawer over the long term.

There’s a tried-and-true, non-drug solution that can be found at nearly EVERY HOSPITAL…

Yet the mainstream is doing everything in its power to KEEP it from you!

When taking a deep breath isn’t enough

We know that saturating your body with oxygen promotes healing in a myriad of ways… but normally, you get less than an optimal amount of it.

Your lungs just can’t take in that much oxygen without a pressurized environment.

With Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT), high-pressure chambers have been used in clinical settings since the 19th century to get patients ALL the oxygen they need to recover from injury, illness, pain, and more.

The U.S. military has used them since just after World War I… and they STILL use them to keep the Navy’s deep-sea divers from getting “the bends”!

But one of the most controversial conditions that HBOT has the potential to REVERSE is anxiety.

With anxiety, your breathing becomes shallow… and woefully inefficient.

Your brain uses 20% of your body’s supply of oxygen — and STARVING it of oxygen (a.k.a. hypoxia) will only make your anxiety worse!

That’s why you need to get your body as close to 100% oxygen saturation (a.k.a. hyperoxia) as possible.

And that’s exactly what HBOT can do.

In a 2017 study onvets who’d served in Iraq and Afghanistan, hyperbaric oxygen therapy significantly improved anxiety levels across the board… and ERASED anxiety for 75% of the participants.

So why do the feds REFUSE to let the VA offer it to our shell-shocked war heroes?

Unfortunately, they consider mood disorders like anxiety “off-label” uses for HBOT.

As a result, your insurance policy may not cover it…

And everybody else in the mainstream will try to dissuade you from using it for ANY condition that’s not approved by the FDA.

What a crying shame!

Because the science is right there, staring us in the face…

Studies have shown how lower oxygen levels are linked to lower serotonin levelshigher anxiety… and even higher suicide rates.

The International Hyperbaric Medical Association recommends HBOT for neurological conditions… and hospitals throughout China use it for a MUCH broader array of treatments than what our feds recommend.

And Chinese researchers have witnessed how HBOT can ease anxiety-related behaviors in stressed rats.

If the mainstream insists on having human clinical studies… where are they??

Talk to a naturopathic doc about whether this alternative treatment might be right for you… and the most affordable way to receive it.

Now, if you’re claustrophobic, don’t worry – the “chamber” doesn’t necessarily have to be a tube that you squeeze yourself into.

It could be an entire room!

While there’s now a less extreme form of HBOT known as Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT)… which utilizes medium atmospheric pressure… that’s not the device you’ll find at most hospitals.

It is possible to get TOO much oxygen — so make sure you visit a certified medical facility and not some trendy “spa.”