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Bring your cancer to a SCREECHING halt with this ‘lucky’ Chinese flower

Bring your cancer to a SCREECHING halt with this ‘lucky’ Chinese flower

Getting cancer is bad enough…

But you can RECOVER from this disease COMPLETELY – at least, if it stays put.

You don’t need to hit the panic button… unless it’s on the move.

Once a tumor metastasizes, you’ll spend all your time CHASING it down.

You might not even catch it before it KILLS you.

Fortunately, the Chinese have figured out a way to use a local flower to CUT CANCER OFF at the pass…

And while it DISSOLVES your tumors, it keeps your healthy tissue from being INVADED by the enemy.

Put cancer in a chokehold

Ask anyone in China about Pei Lan (Eupatorium fortunei), and they’ll nod their heads knowingly.

This flowering plant is notorious for its ability to ERASE bad breath. Pretty much every Chinese person has either chewed or eaten it for that purpose.

In fact, it’s considered “good luck” to include a little bit of it in every meal.

But Chinese herbalists also rely on Pei Lan to address digestive issues like poor appetite, nausea and vomiting.

All these conditions have something in common…

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, they’re ALL symptoms of “dampness” – one of the “Six Evils” considered to be the main culprits of disease.

And that includes cancer.

Dampness can occur when your digestion is impaired… and toxins build up in your body.

Fortunately, Pei Lan is known as a potent antioxidant that can help you eliminate waste products.

Anything that detoxifies your body is a good thing when it comes to beating cancer…

But recent research shows that Pei Lan doesn’t just stop there.

In 2006, Chinese researchers discovered the cytotoxicity of Pei Lan extract against human leukemia (HL-60) cells.

At the time, they attributed the extract’s cancer-fighting potential to four newly-identified compounds, called terpenoids.

But they didn’t know HOW it worked…

In a 2014 animal study out of Korea, Pei Lan SLAMMED the brakes on malignant metastatic cancer, both in vitro and in vivo.

Both tests used B16F10 melanoma cells, as they’re known for their ability to metastasize.

They grow and multiply rapidly… and form HUGE colonies… and all they need to get started is one single, cancerous cell.

The researchers found that Pei Lan was able to not only inhibit colony formation… but also KEEP the malignant cells from MIGRATING to and INVADING other areas of the body.

Namely, it stopped those melanoma cells from spreading to the lungs… and becoming a KILLER.

And the key to its success was how it ZEROED in on the process of angiogenesis – or the formation of new blood vessels in tumors.

Angiogenesis enables the cancer to spread in two ways:
1. It helps tumors grow by supplying oxygen and nutrients.
2. It provides a path for cancer cells to escape into the circulation and travel beyond the tumor.

This new blood vessel formation relies on two key factors.

First, MMP-9 enzymes “eat” their way through the proteins that bind cancer cells together in a tumor formation.

MMP-9 activity directly corresponds with the production of the second key factor — a protein that signals the vascular endothelial (or blood vessel) cells to grow (a.k.a. VEGF).

The more active the MMP-9 is… the more VEGF is produced by malignant tumor cells.

But Pei Lan sets up a BLOCKADE at every turn…

Because it suppresses the activity of MMP-9… and it inhibits the secretion of VEGF.

And NONE of the treated mice in the in vivo experiments experienced any harm to their healthy tissue from the exposure to Pei Lan.

Unfortunately, NO ONE practicing Western medicine has even ever HEARD of Pei Lan.

So, you’ll have to get it from a physician specializing in herbal medicine… or even an acupuncturist well-versed in Chinese herbalism.