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[Warning] Are you at risk for drug-induced MIND CONTROL?

If you’ve ever taken a prescription sleep med, you know how those drugs can KNOCK YOU OUT so hard… they WRECK you the next day.

In 2013, the feds called it “next-morning impairment”… and issued a warning not to drive right as you’re coming out of the haze.

It turns out there’s something FAR more terrifying that can happen when you pop a sleep pill…

And the FDA has just been FORCED to admit it.

Their new warning is scary enough to keep you up at night… but don’t fill that Rx for one of today’s most popular insomnia drugs.

Because they can take control of your mind AND your body – and make you do the UNTHINKABLE!

Reckless endangerment

The FDA has just announced that it’s adding a “black box” warning to three of the most widely-used prescription sleep aids:
1. zolpidem (Ambien, among others)
2. zaleplon (Sonata), and
3. eszopiclone (Lunesta).

They’re supposed to help the severely sleep-deprived catch some winks…

But now, more and more folks take them on a NIGHTLY basis… and over the course of YEARS.

These drugs classified as either hypnotics or sedative-hypnotics – and the latest terrifying news is that they’re living up to the name more than anyone ever expected.

These drugs aren’t just “inducing sleep”…

They’re practically HYPNOTIZING anyone who takes them!

The new FDA warning comes on the heels of reports of “complex sleep behaviors” – ones that have left patients injured or even KILLED.

It’s not just sleepwalking…

After taking these medicines, people are getting behind the wheel and trying to drive — while not fully awake.

Some NEVER wake up, suffering fatal collisions or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Folks have fallen, gotten burned, nearly drowned, and even lost limbs.

Others have attempted suicide. Some succeeded.

One drugged insomniac even committed MURDER.

These folks weren’t abusing the sleep meds… or even washing them down with booze or other drugs.

And the same things could happen to you after taking your very first dose… and at the lowest dose.

Mind you, the packaging for ALL these drugs ALREADY includes a warning about this risk.

Now, the FDA thinks a more prominent warning – the highest level of alert they’ve got – will be enough to keep people safe.

But by not PULLING these drugs from pharmacy shelves, the feds are essentially PAVING the way for more innocent people to suffer severe injury… or DIE.

Out of the three newly-labeled drugs, the majority of the serious incidents appear to be linked to the use of Ambien.

How has it taken THIS long – nearly 30 years since its FDA approval – to address such a HORRIFYING safety issue?

And how is it that Sonata was allowed to follow in 1999… and Lunesta in 2004?

I can’t even FATHOM how they can justify NOT yanking ALL THREE of them.

If you’re already on one of these drugs, stop taking it right away.

You may THINK you haven’t had any problems with the drugs… but then again, you wouldn’t remember it if you had!

Don’t risk your life… or someone else’s… by drugging yourself until you’ve got ZERO control over your actions.

Try every natural cure under the sun first!

Start with melatonin, GABA, and 5-HTP… or herbal remedies like valerian, passionflower, chamomile, lavender, and any variety of “sleepytime” tea.