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Make THIS easy tweak to END the aches and pains of rheumatoid arthritis

If you have arthritis, you know every day can present new challenges. 

Flare ups are often unpredictable… 

And the pain can be completely debilitating. 

But new research reveals one way you can TAKE BACK control—and limit those “bad days” from happening. 

It’s one, easy-to-do tweak that will help keep those RA flare-ups at bay!  

You are what you eat 

Researchers have discovered if you’re eating THIS way, you’re making yourself more prone to the aches and pains that come with rheumatoid arthritis 

Ready-to-eat meals and other processed foods lead to incredibly high amounts of inflammation… which, of course… makes rheumatoid arthritis even worse.  

Of course, these are the EXACTLY the kinds of foods that are especially tempting to RA sufferers, who can have pain associated with cooking. (Not to mention, these foods present a quick way to get in and out of the store). 

So, since RA is related to inflammation and processed foods, you just need to eat more vegetables and fruit, right? 

Researchers say that’s not entirely true... 

Vegetables and fruit contain antioxidants that can take care of inflammation associated with RA, but not ALL of it.  

And they found only 2.4 percent of people with rheumatoid arthritis met the required intake for fatty acids.  

You see, you need to be getting omega-3s – whether that’s from fatty fish like salmon… tuna… sardines… or from a high-quality fish oil supplement.  

The Paleo Diet will be your best friend in avoiding rheumatoid arthritis. Just consume plenty of lean protein, vegetables, healthy fats (from seeds and nuts), and have fruit in moderation.  

In the interest of time-saving, many grocery stores will now let you order online and pick up your groceries right at the curb; you’ll save tons of time and ensure you stick to your grocery list at the same time.