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REVERSE hidden esophagus damage with this ancient Aztec ‘tree trick’

Get a cut on your arm… and you know EXACTLY what to do.

Clean it, cover it, and keep the bugs away.

But it’s not so cut-and-dry when you’re wounded ON THE INSIDE.

The delicate tissues of your upper digestive tract can take a beating from whatever you swallow… especially whenever it comes back to haunt you.

It might not just be “heartburn.” It could be a full-blown case of esophagitis.

And your esophagus could be FULL of ulcers.

You can’t slap a bandage over them… and blocking your stomach acid won’t do A BIT of good in getting those open sores patched up.

Especially if they were caused by something OTHER than acid reflux.

But there’s a way to coat inflamed passagewayscool the burning… and soothe the pain.

All you need is the fruit of the Mexican “chewing gum” tree!

Chew on this!

Sapodilla (Manilkara zapota) gets its name from the Aztecs of the Yucatan Peninsula

But in modern times, this fruit-bearing tree has spread from Mexico to as far as Asia.

The tree’s sap is funny-looking because it’s milky – which means it’s full of latex.

The people of the Yucatan call it “chicle,” having discovered that it makes a good chewing gum.  (Remember Chiclets?)

There’s latex in the fruit, too – and that’s what makes the large berries hard and white when they’re unripe.

As they ripen, they lose some of their latex content… and turn brown and soft.

Both the fruit and the bark of the sapodilla tree are known for treating digestive problems like gastritis and diarrhea.

Sapodilla is even renowned as a folk cure for cholera and dysentery!

Most of us don’t have to worry about catching those third-world diseases.

So where sapodilla can really show off its superpowers is by relieving the pain and inflammation of esophagitis.

Now, if you’ve ever suffered from acid reflux, you know all-too-well that burning sensationinthe lining of your “food tube.”

Your throat may even feel like it’s closing up.

It can make swallowing darn-near impossible… and it can even cause your esophagus to erupt into open sores (a.k.a. ulcers).

The SAME THING can happen after radiation therapy for cancer.

Those radioactive waves can literally BURN HOLES in your pipes!

Especially if the irradiated tissues are anywhere near your head and neck or chest.

Taking an anti-inflammatory pain reliever will just make it worse. NSAIDs can actually CAUSE esophagitis!

And antacids won’t do a THING to heal the wounds… or fight off pathogens that may try to infect them.

But sapodilla has got you covered from all angles.

Thanks to its rich content of saponins and tannins, it’s highly astringent – a property that’s been proven to heal ulcers of all kinds.

The tannins can also beat back inflammation and kill off any microbes trying to set up shop.

The high concentration of polyphenols in sapodilla makes it a great antioxidant and immune-booster as well.

And people find the smooth texture and sweet flavor of sapodilla soothing, too.

You can eat the raw fruit – just make sure it’s very ripe and soft.

Some folks like to use sapodilla in their smoothies so they don’t have to add any sweetener…

And you can even gargle with the juice to ease mouth ulcers or an inflamed throat.