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REVERSE hardened, stiff arteries with this onion of the ‘mountain folk’

If you’ve been diagnosed with coronary heart disease, the hardening of your arteries is bad enough.

The blood can’t deliver nutrients to your body and brain efficiently… and your blood pressure goes through the roof.

It also makes your risk of having a heart attack or stroke SKYROCKET.

If you’ve already had one heart attack, you’re in the crosshairs for ANOTHER ONE.

And you might not survive a second heart attack.

Fortunately, there’s a way to TURN BACK THE CLOCK on your narrow, stiff arteries… get them to relax… and get your blood flowing again.

But hold your nose – because all you need is a spring vegetable known as a “stinky mountain onion.”

Ramp up your heart health

Wild leeks (Allium tricoccum) are coming into season right about now… signaling the imminent arrival of spring.

That’s when you’ll see an explosion of them in Appalachian communities around the Blue Ridge and Great Smoky Mountains.

There, the “mountain folks” call them “ramps.”

In Canada, they’re so rare… and such a culinary delicacy… that poachers risk life and limb just to carry batches of them across provincial borders.

They taste like an onion, and they look like scallions, but their white stalks and bulbs show a bit of purple and green shoots are broader and flatter.

They’re actually in the same family as garlic… and they smell like garlic, too!

Not everyone loves the pungent aroma and flavor…

But they TREASURE how ramps can protect your heart.

And that’s made ramps a STAPLE food of West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina,

These stinky spring vegetables are PACKED with heart-boosting nutrients, including three that are CRUCIAL to your heart heath:

  1. kaempferol, a flavonoid that reduces inflammationand SHIELDS the lining of your blood vessels from damage and can reduce your risk of DEATH from coronary heart disease
  2. folate, an essential B vitamin that helps keep your arteries wide, soft, and flexible
  3. iron, an essential mineral you need for oxygen transport, healthy immune function, and good energy levels but can get too much of when taking in supplement form.

And ramps are known to lower your blood pressure if it’s gotten too high.

There’s a narrow window of time when you can find ramps at certain farmers markets, depending on where you live.

Although they’re most abundant in Appalachia, you can also find them as far north as New York State and the Upper Midwest.

Since foraging for them where they grow wild can be restricted, you can also order fresh ramps online from growers and wildcrafters who’ll harvest them responsibly.