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BLAST kidney stones with this sacred ‘straw’

They say that childbirth is the worst bodily pain you can ever experience.

But whoever says that has never passed a kidney stone.

But come out, they must… whether whole or in pieces.

To experience the LEAST amount of pain while passing them, you have to get those broken bits to the TINIEST size possible.

And thankfully, there’s a biblical herb that can do just that.

Some places consider it a pesky weed…

Trust me — it’s ANYTHING but a nuisance.

This sweet-smelling, cleansing herb can ease your “pee problems”… and ERASE the pain of kidney (and bladder) stones.

An ancient ‘sleep trick’ for the bathroom

Dried bunches of yellow bedstraw (Galium verum) were once used to stuff mattresses and pillows.

It’s said that in Bethlehem, the Virgin Mary lined Jesus’s manger with it, earning it the nickname “Our Lady’s Bedstraw.”

It smells sweet AND repels fleas – and that makes it good to sleep on.

But what makes yellow bedstraw your “cup of tea” is how it can turn your urinary health around.

Not only is it a diuretic, which helps to relieve everything from swollen ankles to full-blown cases of edema…

It’s a detoxifying superhero.

Scientists have identified yellow bedstraw as a “lithontriptic”…

That’s a fancy way of saying it can DISSOLVE kidney stones and other painful mineral deposits throughout your urinary tract.

It doesn’t make them disappear completely, but it can make them MUCH more passable.

But yellow bedstraw doesn’t stop there…

It can even help break up the excruciating uric acid crystals that form when you’ve got gout.

As if that weren’t enough, this purifying plant also contains compounds that can support your overall urinary and kidney health, including:

• flavonoids, which act as antioxidants, and
• iridoid glycosides like asperuloside, which are anti-inflammatory.

And if you you’re not eliminating all the toxins in your body through your pee, yellow bedstraw can help you sweat them out.

Sleeping on yellow bedstraw in your bedding won’t do a thing for your urinary tract… so drink it as a tea instead.

Note that its pigments, called anthraquinones, are known for their laxative properties.

Tread lightly so you don’t develop a DIFFERENT kind of problem in the bathroom.