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This medieval bishops’ trick LIBERATES you from a tight, pounding head

Your head is locked in a vise grip… and it seems like there’s NOTHING that can release it.

No, it’s not some crazy form of medieval torture…

It’s just another one of those tension headaches that’s got you wincing in pain and BEGGING for mercy.

And the more you hurt… the tenser you get… and the more it seems like your headache will NEVER go away.

You CAN break free from this torture chamber – but not with one of those OTC pain pills or prescription migraine meds.

All you need is the “magic bullet” that herbalists have relied on since the Middle Ages.

This herb is so precious, its use was reserved for bishops and other holy men.

At one time, you could only find it growing at monasteries and in churchyards.

Yet the mainstream scientific community REFUSES to acknowledge it… and has tried to guarantee that ZERO research on it will EVER emerge.

Worth the proverbial shirt off your back

There’s an old Italian proverb that dates back to the Middle Ages…

“Sell your coat and buy betony.”

That’s right, betony (Stachys officinalis) was so prized by ancient healers

They considered it worth selling all your worldly possessions — just to get your hands on it!

The personal doctor of Rome’s first emperor, Augustus, catalogued nearly 50 different conditions that he could treat with the herb.

But the Romans weren’t the only ones to harness the powers of betony.

Its name comes from the ancient Celtic word “bewton,” which means “good for the head.”

Betony relieved the headaches of the great civilizations of antiquity…. and we’re just BEGINNING to piece together HOW.

We know that betony can benefit headache sufferers in three major ways, by:

  1. releasing pressure building up in the arteries in your head,
  2. improving blood circulation in your brain, and
  3. relaxing tight muscles around your skull.

Any ONE of these mechanisms would be a godsend when tension has got a death-grip on your head

Check off all THREE, and it’s a bona fide MIRACLE.

If something works, you might not even question it.

But betony’s track record for being good for your head is more than just anecdotal.

Studies have shown that the leaves, stems, and roots of betony contain two different types of glycosides.

And we know that the antioxidant properties of those compounds can help lower blood pressure.

In fact, they work on the same mechanism as a class of BP meds known as ACE inhibitors!

The rest is simple…

Less pressure building up in your head means less painless tension… and sweet, sweet relief.

Betony works whether it’s an acute headache that’s attacking you… or chronic migraines that keep coming back .

You can find it in capsule form, but it’s more effective – and relaxing – if you can make a tea out of its dried leaves.

Or, add a few drops of a tincture into hot water and drink up.

If it’s labeled as “wood betony,” don’t worry – it’s the same thing.