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LEAK-PROOF your gut with this medieval ‘gastric glue’

When you’re suffering, you KNOW if it was just something you ate.

If no chewable tablet… fizzy drink… or pink goo can give you ONE BIT of relief… it becomes CRYSTAL CLEAR that something more serious is going on.

Get lucky, and the inflammation stays in your stomach lining (a.k.a. gastritis).

Leave it untreated, and your delicate mucous membranes can erupt into open sores (a.k.a. peptic or gastric ulcers).

Or, the burning and irritation can spread… move through your ENTIRE upper and lower gut… and cause a full-blown case of an inflammatory bowel disease (like Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis).

Don’t let that happen to you.

You can BANISH inflammation… and REGENERATE  your most vulnerable tissue!

All you need is a “sweet weed” found in the marshlands of Europe to achieve ULTIMATE protection for your gut.

Hit the gas pedal on healing your gut

One of the most time-honored approaches to healing an inflamed gut is the marshmallow plant (Althaea officinalis).

Once grown in medieval monasteries, marshmallow has been used for millennia to soothe mucous membranes… starting with sore throats… and all the way down and out through the other end.

Ancient Romans ate it… and considered it a delicacy… LONG before the French figured out how to turn it into a white puffy candy they called “la guimauve.”

There’s ZERO trace of the plant in today’s version of confectionary marshmallows…

But this “mallow of the marshes” hasn’t disappeared from herbal medicine.

It doesn’t just soothe your upset stomach and beat back heartburn.

It can also RESTORE and STRENGTHEN your gut lining!

Marshmallow contains polysaccharides that create fibers that are famously sticky and slippery.

When these sugars mix with water, they form a gel-like protective coating called mucilage.

That layer can keep whatever is in your gut from burning your insides.

If you already suffer from gastric permeability, your doc may tell you the only way to help a leaky gut is by reducing your digestive juices.

But that’s just not true…

Marshmallow can help form a TIGHT SEAL on your gut… and make it LEAK-PROOF.

And works in three CRUCIAL ways:

  1. It contains compound (including kaempferol, a flavone) that reduce inflammation by releasing cytokines (IL-6, TNF).
  2. It boosts your immune response to DEVOUR damaged or dead cells, debris, and pathogens from your gut (a.k.a. phagocytosis).
  3. It accelerates healingby promoting the formation of NEW TISSUE.

Its antibacterial properties can even combat H. pylori, a bug that commonly causes peptic ulcers.

And because it contains quercetin, it can also scavenge free radicals and repair oxidative damage.

All of those factors combined make marshmallow the epitome of an anti-ulcer remedy.

But that’s not all – because nature’s own “gummy” has another trick up its sleeve.

And it’s pure genius

It doesn’t get broken down by your stomach.

That means it KEEPS working, all the way until it reaches your colon!

Although marshmallow comes in many different supplement forms (none of which are in a box of Lucky Charms, sorry), marshmallow tea may be most soothing.

You can get it on its own or as part of commercially available digestive herbal tea blends.

You’ll want to drink plenty of water with it so it doesn’t “gum up” your gut.