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This herbal ‘nightcap’ GUARANTEES you’ll sleep like a KING

At the end of the day, all you want to do is wind down.

Easier said than done!

You can dim the lights… and power down all your gadgets… but even a sledgehammer isn’t enough to send you into restful slumber.

Don’t let the mainstream sucker you into taking sleeping pills. They’ll just KEEP you feeling woozy well into the next day.

You need something with a far gentler touch… that can actually RESET your disrupted sleep patterns.

Fortunately, there’s a floral secret has kept the world’s greatest leaders well-rested for CENTURIES… and it can surely do the same for you.

Dial it down with this ancient ‘beer flower’

The buds of Humulus lupulus– more commonly known as “hops” — give beer its distinctive flavor and bitterness.

It’s no wonder that Germany is one of the top growers of hops.

But these “beer flowers” have powerful medicinal qualities, too.

You may have heard about using hops to fight inflammation and pain… or even to strengthen your bones.

And you may already know how a nice, cold glass of beer can chase the woes of the day away.

It’s not just the booze in your brews. It’s also the hops!

The most potent way to “tap” into the power of hops is through its essential oil.

Hop oil isn’t just calming…

It’s actually a gentle sedative that can GUARANTEE you’ll get a good night’s sleep!

Even if insomnia has kept you up at night for as long as you can remember.

Legend has it that the vapors that arise out of the fields of hops have lulled German pickers to sleep while working!

The properties of hops are similar to those of melatonin – which means using hop oil won’t just “knock you out.”

It will actually help you ESTABLISH and KEEP healthy sleep patterns.

Hop oil inhibits your central nervous system by increasing the activity of GABA, a neurotransmitter known for promoting sleep.

That’s why centuries ago, insomniacs began stuffing hops – as well as other aromatic herbs, like lavender – into their pillows.

Some say King George III and Abraham Lincoln rested their weary heads on hop pillows!

Hop oil still makes a good addition to your “dream pillow” to ensure the DEEPEST sleep you’ve had in YEARS.

Add a couple of drops to a handkerchief placed next to your pillow… and just BREATHE.

Hop oil is easier to use than fresh hops – and less messy. Hop flowers contain a yellow pollen that gets EVERYWHERE.

Fresh hops spoil easily and can have the opposite effect when they go rancid. Hop oil can last longer when stored properly in a cool, dry, dark place.

You can take hops as a supplement, but you shouldn’t ingest hop oil.

Instead, you can add it to a hot bath or your oil diffuser and inhale it for its aromatherapeutic powers.

You can also combine hop oil with valerian oil, which has anxiety-fighting and sleep-inducing effects on its own and combines well with other herbs.