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CHASE cancer away with the power of this ‘liquid gold’

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer… ANY cancer… you’re willing to try all of the latest drugs and therapies they’ll throw at you.

Even if they’re as yet unproven.

And even if their side effects are grueling.

But as we look into the future for a possible cancer cure, we’ve also got to look BACK into the past.

Because the key to fighting cancer… and BEATING it… may lie in the most treasured of ancient practices.

And there’s one sacred ritual whose “liquid gold” can MELT cancer away.

Milking a truly sacred cow

“Ghee” is the Hindi word for “fat.”

As written in the oldest of Hindu scriptures, a deity named Prajapati rubbed his hands together to churn butter… and then poured it into fire, creating ghee.

This ancient fire ritual is still practiced today, including at traditional Indian weddings.

Ghee isn’t just symbolic in sacred rituals

In Ayurvedic medicine, ghee is used to achieve physical purification.

But what the heck IS ghee, anyway?

It’s made by taking butter from grass-fed cows – the most sacred of all animals in Hindu tradition – and cooking it long enough to melt away all its impurities.

All the milk solids and water get strained out, leaving pure butterfat behind.

I know, it sounds like a dream come true… eating butter to banish cancer!

But ghee is more than just a better version of butter.

It’s a purifying powerhouse.

Ghee contains two of the most important kinds of “good fat” you could have in your cancer-fighting arsenal:

  1. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a type of omega-6 fatty acid, known for its ability to fight cancer. This polyunsaturated fat acts like an omega-3 essential fatty acid in the body. Among all the CLAs, ghee contains the one that’s best-known for beating back cancer: rumenic acid.
  2. Butyric acid (butyrate) is a short-chain fatty acid that eases inflammation and has been shown to inhibit colon cancer. And when it comes to fatty acids, the shorter, the better.

In addition to those fats… which aren’t just GOOD, but GREAT additions to your cancer battle plan… ghee also contains vitamin E.

A fat-soluble vitamin, E is also an antioxidant that can beat back cancer by scavenging free radicals and repairing oxidative damage.

Clarifying the butter keeps it from spoiling, so ghee is shelf-stable. In fact, it can stay fresh without refrigeration… for up to a year!

You can eat it straight out of the jar. It tastes nutty… and it’s far more flavorful than regular butter.

You can also cook with it. In fact, its smoke point is so high (nearly 500°F), it retains its structural integrity pretty much no matter HOW you use it.

Other cooking oils start to break down under high heat and create compounds that can actually GIVE you cancer.

For ghee with the highest cancer-fighting potency, make sure it comes from grass-fed cows (and is organic, to boot).

Ghee can also be used on the outside of your body, much like coconut oil. It’s a great skin soother… and is one of the healthiest carrier oils for herbs and essential oils.