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BEAT baldness with this crazy prehistoric herb

It’s just not fair.

Our gentlemen friends can get older… lose their hair… and suddenly become sex symbols with shaved heads.

But women are expected to keep our lovely locks FOREVER.

If you’re a lady who’s getting a little thin up top, there’s no such thing as “bald and beautiful.”

And trying to keep your mane silky and long can feel like fighting a losing battle, as our “female hormones” wane — and we lose collagen — with each passing year.

Imagine sweeping your hair into a sassy up-do… or pulling it up into a cute ponytail… without worrying about areas of your scalp showing through.

Because there’s something that can bring your FULL head of hair BACK for an encore appearance.

It’s not a dangerous chemical, and it’s not a pricey serum.

The key to getting the ’do you’ve always wanted is an herb so tough, it predates – and outlived — the dinosaurs.

Hair today, not gone tomorrow

Horsetail is technically a relative of the fern. Its stem, however, makes it look more like bamboo… and its branches look like a horse’s tail.

Botanists call it a “living fossil”…

Its ancestors thrived nearly 300 million years ago… and it’s impressively the lone survivor of that family of plants that once grew among the dinosaurs.

American farmers don’t appreciate this “survival instinct” of the plant… and consider it a weed.

It’s so hardy, they have to try really hard to kill it.

And it can do the same for your hair.

Horsetail contains a form of the mineral silica, which is known for its ability to shore up connective tissue

And thanks to its abundance of silica, horsetail can strengthen your strands of hair– even if they’ve been damaged or weakened by age.

That’s the same reason that horsetail is ALSO valued for treating brittle nails.

But horsetail isn’t just a one-trick pony.

Because it also contains the mineral selenium, which helps new hair growand LOST hair grow BACK.

Selenium is a trace mineral, so you don’t need a lot of it.

And horsetail has got just enough… but not too much.

In a 2012 study, women with thinning hair who took a supplement that contained horsetail saw the number of hairs on their head more than DOUBLE in just six months.

Other visible changes included more body, better shine, and improved scalp coverage.

There are many different kinds of horsetail, but the one you want is “field horsetail,” or Equisetum arvense.

Don’t confuse it with the poisonous “marsh horsetail,” or Equisetum palustre .

The best preparations of field horsetail will eliminate the enzyme thiaminase– including tinctures and liquid extracts that have been exposed to very high temperatures during manufacturing.

Use it as a shampoo to get it directly on your scalp and hair follicles, where it promotes circulation (and, therefore, growth).

For the smoothest and shiniest hair that you’ve ever seen on your own head, combine it with coconut oil.

You can also take a horsetail supplement in capsule form on its own, or included in supplement formulas for hair and nail support.