[Exposed] Military cover-up made losing weight a DEADLY endeavor

When you were younger, you could eat anything you wanted and not gain a pound.

Now, it’s not just “a moment on the lips, forever on the hips.”

It seems like just SMELLING food can make you gain weight.

As we get older, our metabolism naturally slows— for some, down to a crawl.

And ladies, going through “the change” only saps your energy more… and expands your waistline into another dimension.

Fad diets are impossible to follow. No one would blame you for being tempted to pop a pill that’ll help you eat less and lose weight.

But there’s a dark secret behind how those diet pills ever got in the hands of regular people like you and me.

Because we were NEVER meant to take these dangerous drugs… until our military had too much of them on THEIR hands.

The weight-loss trick we NEVER needed

Ever wonder how our notion of the “ideal woman” went from the Marilyn Monroe type – with curves in all the right places – to the stick figure chic of Twiggy?

You can trace it all back to World War II, when the U.S. military did everything in its power to ensure victory.

That included bringing “speed” pills into the mainstream.

You see, soldiers had been deployed all around the world… on land, in air, and at sea… to fight day in and day out for our country.

Troops were stationed all night long, sometimes going days without sleep.

Right on cue, a physiologist from Northwestern University named Andrew Ivy stepped forward to keep our boys on the front lines awake with a class of drug called amphetamines.

Previously used as a decongestant, the drug’s ability to induce “wakefulness” put it on the fast track to the battlefield.

German and Japanese soldiers had already been taking meth to power through the blitzes and kamikaze missions…

And after U.S. forces finally came on board with the same battle plan, amphetamines became so essential to the success of the Allied Forces that each battalion received an ample supply.

These “uppers” didn’t just keep them awake. It also made them more aggressive… and resilient to the trauma of combat.

Never mind the fact that scientists AND the government KNEW that amphetamines were highly addictive… and NEVER said a WORD.

These drugs were big business – but when the war ended, they became surplus.

Rather than let the amphetamines go to waste, somebody had the bright idea to pass them off onto civilians… but with a new purpose.

Since soldiers lost weight while on amphetamines, certainly their wives back home could do the same.

Drugmakers started formulating the drug specifically to suppress appetites.

Meanwhile, all these women had gotten hooked on amphetamines… their BP skyrocketed… and they lost their minds in fits of stimulant-induced psychosis.

Some women even died, prompting the industry to take most amphetamines off the market.

But amphetamines had already become too big to fail.  And they never completely went away.

Methamphetamine is strikingly similar in chemical composition to amphetamine… and has pretty much the exact same effects.

Meth is even MORE addictive. Yet docs can… and DO… prescribe it today for weight loss.

Don’t gamble with these drugs.

If you’re a post-menopausal woman, there are three easy steps you can take:

  1. Make sure your hormones are balanced, including estrogen and thyroid. If your levels are low and your doc recommends hormone replacement therapy, make sure the hormones you take are bioidentical and not synthetic.
  2. Boost your metabolism by getting up and moving around a little. A sedentary lifestyle will only slow your metabolism and sap your energy more.
  3. Build muscle mass by eating plenty of animal protein and practicing some gentle weight-bearing exercises.