BLACKLISTED Chinese root can RESCUE your kidneys… and save your LIFE

When you’ve got chronic kidney disease, you’re just a hair’s breadth from kidney failure.

ANYTHING could tip the scales and send your kidneys into full shutdown mode.

And when that happens, your only option is to pray for a transplant… or artificially filter your blood.

But dialysis is supposed to be a last resort. Once you start, the countdown to the end speeds up.

So, why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to stop the progression of your CKD – or even REVERSE it – from the moment you’re diagnosed?

Traditional Chinese Medicine has used a kidney-protecting herb for ages…

But the “leading awareness organization” in the country for kidneys doesn’t want you to take ANY herbs.

Here’s how they don’t have your best interest in mind… and what you can do instead.

Widespread misinformation is FAILING you

According to the National Kidney Foundation, over 30 million Americans have kidney disease.

Only 10% of them have actually been diagnosed with it.

And if you’re struggling to manage your blood sugar… and have been diagnosed with diabetes… you’re right in the crosshairs for developing it.

The number of older folks with kidney failure are on the rise…

But the NKF doesn’t want you to take herbal supplements.

They’re wrong.

On their website, they call the herbal supplement market “a multi-million-dollar business” – and that’s the first clue that this supposed “non-profit” is just parroting the party line from Big Pharma.

And instead of educating you how to use herbs responsibly and safely, they use scare tactics to spook you OFF of supplements, by saying that they “may interact with prescription medicines to either decrease or increase how the medicine works.”

That’s true.

But the answer isn’t to turn your back on all medicinal herbs.

Do you really need to be on any of those prescription meds in the first place?

One of the herbs that the NKF has blacklisted is astragalus – a member of the legume family whose efficacy AND safety record dates back to the early days of Chinese herbal medicine.

The Chinese call it “Huang-qi”… and its ability to shield your kidneys from harm is nothing short of a miracle.

Like many other healing herbs, it works in multiple ways. In terms of your kidneys, it:

  • reduces inflammation,
  • boosts immunity,
  • improves insulin resistance, and
  • fights free radical damage from oxidative stress.

In clinical settings, astragalus has reduced fasting glucose.

Not only that, but it’s improved kidney function – and by two of the most critical measurements (urinary albumin excretion rate and glomerular filtration rate).

One of the first things your doc will tell you to do when you’ve got CKD is to reduce stress – and the ancient Chinese first used astragalus as a calming herb eons ago.

But here’s what you really care about…

A 2018 study out of Taiwan found that Chinese herbs like astragalus can help you LIVE LONGER when you’ve got CKD.

So why is the NKF so against it?

Maybe it has something to do with its top “corporate supporters,” among whom you can count the biggest Pharma giants out there: Amgen, AstraZeneca, Merck, Sanofi, Novartis, and more.

Don’t trust the advice of anyone who’s in Big Pharma’s pocket.

Look for Astragalus membranaceus root in capsule form at your local health store or online.