Conquer diabetes with this 5,000-year-old Roman secret

You have diabetes.”

Once you hear those words come out of your doc’s mouth, your world changes forever.

It seems like your entire day revolves around popping drugs… pricking your finger… and watching everything you eat.

But what if you could finally get your blood sugar under control – without TOUCHING a prescription drug again?

Believe it or not, there’s an ancient Roman secret that could hold the key to PERFECT blood sugar.

And if you’re like most diabetics, you’ve NEVER been told about it…

‘Emperor’s cure’ is the oldest blood sugar trick in the book

Roman chamomile (Chamaemelum nobile, or Anthemis nobilis) is one of the oldest medicinal plants on the planet, going back as far as 5,000 years.

This tiny white flower, native to the Old World, is related to the daisy… but don’t let its innocent looks fool you.

It packs a big punch when it comes to blood sugar control.

Cultivated throughout the former Roman Empire – including North Africa, the UK, and other parts of Europe – this “noble” form of chamomile has been shown to significantly lower blood sugar in animal studies.

That’s because it’s PACKED with nutrients that beat back diabetes, including:

  • quercetin: This antioxidant has been proven to lower glucose levels both during fasting and after eating.
  • apigenin: A 2017 study out of Nigeria found that this flavone’s blood sugar-lowering effect is comparable to the anti-diabetic drug glibenclamide. It works by keeping the sugar in your liver rather than traveling through the rest of your body through your blood.
  • esculetin: A derivative of a powerful blood sugar-busting compound known as coumarin, esculetin also supports healthy insulin function.

Chamomile also contains several other anti-diabetic apigenins, including glucoside chamaemeloside and luteolin.

And it doesn’t just lower blood sugar that’s already high.

It STOPS your blood sugar from spiking in the first place.

And when that happens, it’s almost as though your diabetes has… DISAPPEARED.

Just a cup of chamomile tea is enough to begin your reign over blood sugar troubles. And the heat makes some of the compounds in chamomile more active.

The most common form found in America is actually German chamomile, which has similar but weaker effects than the Roman version.

If you can’t find Roman chamomile tea, look for it in supplement form.