BANISH constipation FAST with this forgotten Shaker remedy

It’s a problem nobody likes to talk about…

But when you’re suffering from constipation, your bathroom can feel like a TORTURE CHAMBER.

You’re straining and doubled over in pain, just trying to move your bowels.

And you’ve probably tried just about every laxative and stool softener around.

But there’s a simple, natural fix to your toilet troubles… and most people are NEVER told about it.

More than a century ago, Shaker religious communities discovered a surefire way to clear up constipation.

It’s easy to get and still used all over the world… but it’s practically unknown in America.

And it could hold the key to ERASING your constipation problems forever.

The Shaker secret

You probably learned about the Shakers… or “Shaking Quakers,” as they were sometimes called… years ago in school.

They’ve almost died out (there are two Shakers left in the world, living on a farm in Maine). But they caught on across America in the 1800s and are still famous for their wooden furniture.

But here’s something that most folks don’t know about the Shakers — they actually pioneered herbal medicine.

Shakers supported their communities by making and selling their own herbal cures.

And one of their best was a stomach remedy… a simple way to cure constipation… made from rhubarb.

If you didn’t know that rhubarb can fix constipation problems, I don’t blame you. Laxatives are a big business in America today — they practically have their own aisle at the pharmacy.

But the stalks of the rhubarb plant have been used in herbal medicine for ages — and rhubarb is still a popular constipation cure around the world.

Rhubarb actually helps with the contraction of intestinal muscles. And it brings water into your colon, to soften still and make it easier to “go.”

The compounds in rhubarb called anthraquinones are thought to be responsible for its laxative effects.

The best thing about rhubarb is that it works without creating a condition called “lazy bowel.” That’s a common side effect of laxatives, and it basically keeps your colon from working unless it gets extra “help.”

That’s Big Pharma’s little trick to keep you hooked on laxatives forever.

Rhubarb is pretty easy to work into your diet. But you can also buy supplements from companies like Nature’s Answer and Swanson Health Products.