[Quack Alert] Big Pharma peddling ‘natural’ imposters

Merry Christmas.

The “season of spending” is almost over… but the corporate cash grab has just begun.

In fact, I’ve never seen such a DISGUSTING money-grubbing scam in my life.

The folks at Big Pharma are such HYPOCRITES, I bet they couldn’t look a cyclops in the eye.

For YEARS, they’ve accused natural medicine of being “wives’ tales” or even “snake oil.”

They’ve even spent a FORTUNE on lobbyists trying to get natural cures pulled off the market.

But now they’re smelling some serious cash…

Some of the top drug companies around are starting to sell “natural” versions of their products.

But their so-called “natural” treatments aren’t so natural after all – and they come with some DARK secrets Big Pharma will NEVER tell you about.

If it quacks like a duck…

Drug companies don’t want to make you better.

And that’s the truth. So I was shocked when I recently started spotting NATURAL versions of some of the most mainstream meds out there.

But I smelled a rat… and I did some digging.

If you’re tempted to try a “natural” cough syrup, like Robitussin Honey, you should know that “natural grade A honey” is less than 20% of the total product .

The rest? It’s dextromethorphan  – a SEDATIVE that can cause drowsiness, dizziness, and even vomiting .

That doesn’t sound so natural to me…

In fact, the Robitussin label lists honey as an INACTIVE ingredient. It might as well just be a flavor.

But that’s absolutely nuts – because honey is INCREDIBLY effective at getting rid of coughs on its own!

And with powerful antimicrobial properties, it’s nature’s perfect infection fighter – so safe, it’s the best option for young children.

Robitussin? Not so much.

It doesn’t end there.

Prestige Brands, the company behind Dramamine, wants to sell you a new, “non-drowsy” version of their drug… made from ginger.

I nearly fell off my chair!

First off, this is the SAME mainstream medical establishment that spent YEARS attacking ginger.

They actually funded bogus studies in 1991 and 2008, trying to claim ginger doesn’t work for motion sickness.

I guess they didn’t mean it…

And who’d buy supplements from these guys anyway? These are the SAME folks who made a FORTUNE peddling REGULAR Dramamine, with ingredients that have been linked to memory lossconstipationhallucinationsvision problems… and even erectile dysfunction.

But now they’ve embraced Mother Earth? Please.

Don’t buy into these phony sales pitches.

Big Pharma doesn’t care about making you well… and they sure don’t give a hoot about natural medicine.

Stick with natural products suppliers you can trust – and who aren’t just in the market to make a quick buck.