[Exposed] This SICK PLOY is trying to SCARE you off your vitamins

It’s the best Christmas gift the drug industry could hope for.

The mainstream medical industry is banding together to launch a sick new attack on vitamins and other supplements.

MILLIONS of people rely on them, including you.

They can often ease or cure some of today’s biggest health problems WITHOUT the risks of meds.

But alarmist reports are meant to scare the holly out of you… and have you quit your natural therapies.

And you’ll be left completely DEPENDENT on their sickening (and highly profitable) meds.

The conspiracy is real

If you think this is some wild conspiracy theory, just take a look at a new report in Medscape.

This website YOUR OWN DOCTOR turns to for the latest info… which he will then try to spread to YOU… now claims common supplements “frequently contain unapproved ingredients.”

Not only that, but they carry with them “a high potential for harm.”


The only way they can get away with making this ludicrous and alarmist claim is by lumping ALL supplements into one big category.

Here’s how it works: A bodybuilder takes a supplement for muscle. He had NO IDEA – wink, wink, wink – it contained steroids.

BOOM. The mainstream list it as an example of a “tainted” supplement.

They never say what it is up front. It’s held up as proof that “supplements” are “dangerous.”

Ditto for a shady sex pill sold online – from China, usually – that are often tainted with hidden prescription-strength drugs.

And of course, there are those convenience-store “fat burners” that contain God-only-knows-what.

OF COURSE you should avoid that stuff.

But it’s patently absurd to classify them in the same category as normal vitamins and minerals and proven herbal medicines backed by research.

These are the safe and proven natural therapies that can help:

  • Fight chronic disease
  • Control blood sugar
  • Defeat infection
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Protect your heart
  • Boost overall health

…and MORE!

But what they’re pulling now could change all that forever.

They’re afraid you won’t need their meds – and they’re trying to scare you away from the “competition” as a result.

These crackpots are IGNORING the blood pressure meds recalled after being tainted with cancer-causing chemicals… antibiotics that can trigger delirium… and the diabetes drug that can cause a flesh-eating infection in your genitals.

And no, I didn’t just make that last one up!

Again, your normal everyday supplements have an unparalleled safety record, and certainly none of them will cause anything close to the risks of common meds.

Don’t fall for their sick ploy.

Take your vitamins, and work with an experienced naturopath on proven holistic therapies for your health concerns.