60-year CANCER COVER-UP is as SICK and TWISTED as it gets

It’s SEEMED like one of the most harmless products on the planet.

We’ve used it on our babies and grandbabies… and we’ve put it on our most intimate of body parts.

The preeminent maker of “baby powder,” Johnson & Johnson, has WANTED you to think that nothing could be safer.

But all the while, it’s been HIDING a SINISTER SECRET.

This powder could cause cancer.

Now, new evidence shows that Johnson & Johnson may have known about the risk for 60 YEARS… kept us all in the dark… and put our lives in danger.

The devil in disguise

We’ve always been taught to believe that talcum powder JUST contains talc – a naturally-occurring mineral comprised of magnesium, silicon, and oxygen.

But the truth is, it’s LACED with asbestos, a known cause of cancer.

You might be surprised by that news… but Johnson & Johnson sure isn’t.

Asbestos was first mentioned in company internal documents in 1957.

And is looks like the company spent the last six decades making sure you would NEVER find out about it.

You see, Johnson & Johnson has been sued over a link between its talcum powder and cancer – especially ovarian cancer.

Now, thanks to a Reuters investigative report, some damning evidence has finally come to light.

Johnson & Johnson apparently hasn’t just been lying to YOU.

It allegedly REFUSED to report its findings of asbestos to the FDA back in 1976 – a full 20 years after it first discovered the carcinogen.

According to the just-unsealed documents, one test between 1972 and 1975 found levels of asbestos that were “rather high.”

And the company still WON’T admit any wrongdoing.

The corporate spin machine hasn’t given up the ghost. Johnson & Johnson’s CEO has doubled down, stepping into the spotlight with a national ad campaign protesting innocence.

But the jig is up.

The company’s shares dropped by $40 billion in the wake of the Reuters exposé. Add that to the $4.69 billion the company had to pay out to ovarian cancer patients in July alone… and this guy is in major damage control mode.

A Johnson & Johnson rebuttal calls the Reuters report “an absurd conspiracy theory.”

REALLY?! Is that the conspiracy YOU see here?

Because I see a conspiracy by a billion-dollar company to cover up the truth about its products, just to keep profits high and shareholders happy.

And innocent people may have gotten cancer in the process.

Listen, there is NO safe level of exposure to asbestos.

Non-toxic alternatives to talc include cornstarch and baking soda.

If you’ve used talcum powder… or products like Johnson & Johnson’s “Shower to Shower” (sold off in 2012)… don’t ignore the signs of cancer or asbestos-related illnesses like mesothelioma.

And if you’ve already been diagnosed, get a lawyer who’ll show no mercy.