Could this latest diet fad end up WRECKING your health?

If you’ve been struggling to control your weight, you’ve probably tried enough diets that TOTALLY FAILED.

But every now and then, a new fad comes along that might make you wonder…

“Maybe THIS is the one.”

And lots of folks just like you are turning to the “Engine 2 Diet.”

It was developed by a former firefighter with matinee idol good looks, and it promises a complete body transformation.

But the way it transforms your body may be MUCH more than you bargained for.

Because the ultra-restrictive Engine 2 Diet comes with a secret that’s scarier than a three-alarm fire.

And it could be downright dangerous… especially for seniors.

Sounding alarm bells

At 55 years old, former Texas firefighter Rip Esselstyn still looks like the three-time All-American swimmer and professional triathlete that he was right out of college.

And we’re supposed to believe that it’s because of an approach to eating he calls “plant strong.”

Translation: This ex-fireman is a vegan, and he wants you to be one, too.

The story behind his “Engine 2 Diet” is that when Esselstyn’s fellow firefighters were struggling with their cholesterol, the whole engine gave up meat.

And reportedly, everybody lost weight and lowered their cholesterol.

Of course, studies have shown there is no relationship between your cholesterol and how long you’ll live… and, sure, you’ll lose some weight by starving your muscles of the protein they need for fuel.

But that doesn’t make it a good idea.

Now, Esselstyn has quit the fire department and has launched an empire around this feel-good story… including best-selling books and a subscription-based meal planner.

Every firefighter (current and former) is a hero in my book. But this “program” is just a lot of anti-meat propaganda.

Esselstyn does get a couple of things right. He starts by having you cut out all processed and refined foods.

But then everything goes off the rails.

Here are the five WORST pieces of advice the Engine 2 Diet offers:

  1. No meat and dairy: As you get older, you NEED the energy provided by meat, poultry, eggs, and fish. They help BUILD muscle mass and PRESERVE bone density. Keeping bone and muscle is absolutely vital for seniors.
  2. No oil: Healthy oils like olive oil are ESSENTIAL to maintaining a sharp mind, a healthy heart, and relaxed arteries.
  3. Starches: These are allowed, but brown rice and whole grains (including cereals and pastas) rachet up your blood sugar and are high in calories. And when you cut out meat, you’ll end up eating a lot of starches.
  4. Soy: This meat and dairy replacement is SOAKED in cancer-causing pesticides like glyphosate!
  5. Canned foods: Even canned beans and tomatoes are SWIMMING in toxic chemicals like BPA and are frequently processed beyond all recognition.

You can’t deprive yourself of your body’s most essential building blocks and expect to be healthy.

We’ve seen time and time again that these meatless diets aren’t any better for you, and not getting enough protein can be dangerous for seniors.

Instead, focus on eating lean animal protein that’s organic and hormone- and antibiotic-free.

Eliminate starches and refined sugars altogether… and load up on organic fruits, vegetables, and other plants.

And move around a little bit every day.