[Alert] New drug company SCAM could EMPTY your bank account

Not all criminals carjack you in traffic… pick your pockets… or sneak into your house when you’re not home.

Some wear three-piece suits and fly in private jets.

Case in point? Big Pharma and their fat-cat executives are getting FILTHY RICH charging you a fortune for prescription drugs.

You know, the same meds they make for pennies overseas… and sell at a HUGE discount in other countries.

But for these greedy pigs, it’s never enough.

Now, the drug companies are hatching an evil plot to protect their profits — at YOUR expense.

If they succeed, you could end up paying a FORTUNE more for your medications in just a couple months.

And we’re running out of time to stop it.

The greedy cash grab

If you’re dealing with the Medicare Part D “donut hole,” you know there’s nothing sweet about it.

Basically, Medicare Part D covers your drugs until you and your plan spend a combined $3,750 — and then you’re on your own until you’ve reached $5,000 in out-of-pocket expenses.

With most seniors taking multiple drugs a month, you can reach that donut hole FAST — and it can be a financial DISASTER.

For lots of folks, that donut hole can make it hard to pay the heating bill… afford car payments… or even buy groceries.

And, believe it or not, the greed-fueled CRIMINALS at Big Pharma want to make your problems WORSE.

You see, earlier this year, Congress reached an agreement (yep, they actually agreed on something). Starting in 2019, the drug companies would pay 70% of your brand-name drug costs while you’re in the donut hole.

That deal could literally save you THOUSANDS on drugs — but not if Big Pharma has anything to say about it.

Some of the largest drug companies in the world have dispatched an army of shady lobbyists to Capitol Hill. And they’re trying to kill the new agreement before a new Congress is sworn in… and it EVER goes into effect.

They’re reaching out to lame-duck members of Congress… folks whose backs the drug companies have been scratching for years… and asking for one last favor.

These drug companies want to protect their profits, even if they BANKRUPT you in the process.

Groups like AARP are trying to sound the alarm… but the media is barely touching the story (big surprise with all of those Big Pharma ad dollars, right?).

Like I said, we’re running out of time to stop this — and the time to act is NOW.

Reach out to your members of Congress, and tell them to stand up to Big Pharma and REFUSE to roll back the expanded donut hole coverage in 2019.

Remind them that they’re supposed to represent US — and not some slimy lobbyists in wing-tipped shoes.