[Warning] This “life-saving” treatment comes with a dark (and DEADLY) secret

Dialysis is SUPPOSED to be a last resort. 

Most docs will tell you to wait until your kidneys won’t function without it. 

Then, it’ll help you live a little longer. 

But for many, dialysis doesn’t save lives 

One in 4 Americans who start dialysis will lose their life within a year.  

And that’s NOT normal – we have one of the highest mortality rates for dialysis care in the industrialized world.  

How is this happening?  

Well, these for-profit dialysis centers… they’re practically dialysis “factories”… are keeping a VERY dark and nasty secret.  

And it’s been kept from you and the people you love – until now.  

Putting the squeeze on desperate patients 

Once your kidneys fail, you’ve got two options: 

  • Rely on a dialysis machine to filter toxins out of your blood. 
  • Wait for an organ transplant. 

Over 300 people go on dialysis for kidney failure EVERY DAY. 

That’s when you’re at your most vulnerable. And that’s when for-profit dialysis centers smell blood. 

Dialysis centers have become such big business that research shows clinics are GROSSLY understaffed… and technicians and nurses are DANGEROUSLY overworked. 

Yet the dialysis industry forked over nearly $111 million in the 2018 election to oppose a California ballot measure that would have capped its profits and forced the money to go to improving patient care. 

That’s a record-breaking spend — beating out Big Pharma, which shelled out $109 million in 2016 to keep drug prices from being capped.  

And it worked: Their propaganda convinced voters to defeat the proposition, for fear of LESS and WORSE care. 

And the very next day… 

Stocks for the opposing campaign’s top contributor, the private dialysis center “chain” DaVita, went up by nearly 11%. 

But while profits have skyrocketed, treatment seems to have gotten WORSE. 

State inspection records show safety violations that range from not washing hands or wearing gloves…  to not disinfecting tubing correctly and improperly handling bloodlines. Cross-contamination is commonplace.  

That’s just California.  

Companies like DaVita operate dialysis factories across the country 

This year alone, DaVita has been ordered to pay out nearly $400 million to the families of dialysis patients in wrongful death lawsuits.  

The corporation agreed to a $270 million settlement over inflating insurance claims to Medicare… and $895 million over claims it fraudulently threw out dialysis drugs to inflate government claims. 

That’s a lot of money to you and me. Settlements that huge might even take down a smaller company. 

But it’s a BARGAIN to DaVita, which raked in $10.1 billion in dialysis revenue last year. 

The Denver-based company controls about a third of the dialysis market. 

Thank GOD it’s not your only option. 

Here’s how to choose the care that will SAVE your life, not END it: 

  • Visit Medicare.gov/dialysisfacilitycompare for information on dialysis providers’ frequency of patient death, hospitalization, hospital readmission, bloodstream infections, and blood transfusions. You want the lowest numbers possible for all those factors. 
  • Inspect the facility before you start treatment there. If you see blood or urine on the floor or chairs… or any other unsanitary conditions… turn around and never look back. 
  • Look for the use of antimicrobial barrier caps on the catheters. 
  • Beware of any preexisting conditions that may make drugs like Granuflo, blood thinners, and clot busters too risky to use. 

And don’t let your technician or anyone else at your clinic convince you to drop your Medicare coverage and sign up for private insurance instead.  

Profiteering dialysis firms make more money off private insurance reimbursements.  

Instead of switching insurance, consider switching your dialysis care.