WOW! ‘Arctic’ secret puts the FREEZE on cancer

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer, you’d be willing to try anything… and go anywhere… to give yourself a fighting chance. 

Well, how about the Arctic Circle? 

It seems like the last place you’d find a cancer cure.  

But growing from the frozen tundra… in some of the COLDEST regions of Earth… is a special berry that DESTROYS cancer in four different ways.  

It’s been keeping native tribes practically CANCER-FREE for thousands of years.  

And most mainstream doctors still don’t know a THING about it.  

Free of cancer? Priceless. 

Cloudberries are known as “The Gold of the Arctic” – but you can’t put a price on how they put the brakes on cancer. 

They grow in the wild in the coldest parts of our neighbors to the north… places like Alaska, Newfoundland, and British Columbia.  

They’ve been used by the indigenous tribes of northern Canada for ages.  

And not just because they’re delicious. 

Native people like the Inuits survived for centuries with practically ZERO cancer cases. 

Even the Vikings used this frost-resistant, shade-loving berry to stay healthy despite harsh conditions. 

What’s the secret behind this polar plant? 

Ellagic acid. 

This compound… found in abundance in cloudberries… is both a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. 

And ellagic acid fights cancer in at least four different ways: 

#1 It protects our DNA from damage. Ellagic can even STOP carcinogens from binding to your genetic material.  

And if they can’t latch onto your DNA, they can’t cause cancer.  

#2 It attacks free radicals. Ellagic acid also scavenges free radicals to minimize oxidative stress – the one cause of cancer that nearly EVERYONE agrees on. 

#3 It forces cancer cells to kill themselves. In 2010, Japanese researchers found that ellagic acid can induce apoptosis – or “suicide” in cancer cells. That keeps cancer from both growing AND spreading. 

#4 It directly DESTROYS cancerA 2011 in vitro study found that ellagic acid can KILL prostate cells.  

Not only that, but ellagic acid has been shown to help traditional cancer therapies like chemotherapy and radiation work better by making tumor cells more sensitive – and therefore susceptible – to their effects. 

Now, cloudberries may have the MOST ellagic acid of all the berries, but good luck finding fresh cloudberries at your local grocer. 

The good news is that you can find ellagic acid supplements for about $15 to $20 a month.  

Many newer supplements in capsule form have been engineered to help ellagic acid stick around in your body longer and be absorbed better.