SHOCKING: Lung cancer therapy is KILLING its patients!

It’s no secret that the mainstream’s “scorched earth” treatments make fighting cancer a losing battle.

So, we were offered an alternative: immunotherapy.

It was SUPPOSED to harness the power of our own immune systems to obliterate cancer… and keep it from spreading or ever coming back.

But for some, the miracle we were promised has turned out to be a curse.

Instead of outsmarting your cancer… and STOPPING tumors from growing… those immunotherapy drugs can actually make it grow FASTER and spread MORE.

In the process, you end up double-crossed by your own cancer treatment.

If you’re currently considering immunotherapy — or you’re already on it – here’s why you’ll want to slam on the brakes ASAP.


Russian roulette, anyone?

Immunotherapy has been shown to work in less than half of the cancer patients who try it.

Docs don’t know why it works in some but not in others…

But that’s not the worst of it.

Because in the case of patients with late-stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC), tinkering with your immune system can blow up in your face.

And the results can be deadly.

It’s called “hyperprogressive disease” — and when it occurs, it’s as though the tumor has shifted into high gear.

Cancer cells are notorious for multiplying out of control and not dying off as normal cells are programmed to do… but immunotherapy can actually turbo-charge that effect.

That, of course, is the opposite of what immunotherapy (or any other cancer treatment) is designed to do!

Researchers thought that this “reverse” effect was a rare phenomenon – previously reported in 9% of advanced cancer patients.

But it turns out to be worse than anyone ever expected.

Last month, French researchers detected this accelerated progression in 14% of patients with late-stage NSCLC who were on immunotherapy

Those are about the same odds you’d get if you were playing Russian roulette.

The researchers traced the problem right back to the drugs that interfere with the proteins that protect tumors from your immune system (a.k.a. PD-1/PD-L1 inhibitor therapy).

Not only did existing tumors grow more quickly during treatment than before… but NEW lesions and MORE tumors ALSO appeared in the lungs!

The last thing you want is for your cancer to spread. That’s what kills you.

And that’s exactly what happened in the study.

The survival rate of stage-4 lung cancer is already abysmal.

But the research shows that the median overall survival for patients with hyperprogressive disease was little more than three months, compared to 13 months in the general population.

That’s a death sentence if there ever was one.

The problem is that immunotherapy ONLY works if your immune system is functioning perfectly.

And the older you are, the less likely your immune system is in pristine condition.

If you’re considering immunotherapy, have a frank talk with your doc about the risks. And always research other options, including intravenous vitamin C, which many doctors are using to beat cancer with great success.

Remember, immunotherapy still uses drugs – and, as it turns out, pretty dangerous ones.