Massive breast cancer COVER-UP could kill you

Our government would rather see you die than admit they screwed up.

And I wish I was kidding… but the Food and Drug Administration just made its position very, very clear.

A new study has just exposed shocking — and even DEADLY — risks with silicone breast implants.

These are the same implants being given to countless women after mastectomies.

But instead of pulling them off the market, the FDA has practically declared WAR against one of the top cancer centers in the world.

It’s all because our corrupt government is desperate to cover up a HUGE mistake it made 12 years ago.

So if you or someone you love is battling breast cancer, please read closely the information I’m about to share.

It could end up saving your life.


Stop the insanity

Ladies, nothing can steal your dignity like losing a breast to cancer.

But lots of women just like you are told that their breasts can be “reconstructed” with silicone gel implants.

Here’s the problem with that: These breast implants have NEVER been safe!

Now, a new study from the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston exposes how silicone implants can trigger MORE diseases –autoimmune conditions like rheumatoid arthritis or, worse yet, deadly melanoma.

This latest study is the largest ever to look at the negative outcomes of breast implants (reconstructive or otherwise), including data from nearly 100,000 patients.

That data comes directly from the manufacturers’ own post-approval studies required by the FDA.

But the FDA isn’t lifting a finger to keep you safe. In fact, they’re trying to cover up the whole mess!

The feds have refused to even MEET about the problem until next year.

In the meantime, they’re dragging the new study through the mud, declaring its supposed “shortcomings,” “inconsistencies,” and “bias.”

Are you KIDDING me?!

Listen, I have no trouble lashing out at mainstream medicine – but let’s be reasonable.

MD Anderson is one of the top cancer centers in America… and the WORLD for that matter.

So why is the FDA going on the attack?

Because it was actually the FDA that foolishly unleashed these implants on the public.

Silicone implants were banned over safety concerns in 1992 (you probably remember), but the FDA found a way to reintroduce them in 2006.

And clearly, the feds would rather continue to put women at risk than admit they were wrong.

Well, the defrauding of breast cancer patients stops NOW.

If you opt for reconstructive surgery, know your risks and options.

For example, saline implants (which do contain a silicone shell) weren’t found to be linked to connective tissue disorders and secondary cancers, although they do carry a greater risk of rupture.

And with either type of implant, 1 in 4 women will need to be cut open AGAIN for a “reoperation.”

Always get multiple opinions on whether you really need a mastectomy – studies show women are regularly getting mastectomies that aren’t medically necessary.

And if you do opt for a mastectomy and implants, stay far away from silicone gel.

These implants have never been safe – no matter what the feds try to tell us.