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Don’t bother brushing without fluoride? Seriously?

I don’t know of any poison that we’re encouraged to put inside our mouths and spread around our teeth and gums… let alone drink… except one.

Somehow, fluoride has become the singular “skull and crossbones” substance that we’re constantly being told is good for us.

But if you’ve ever looked closely at the label of any toothpaste containing fluoride, you’ll see right on the package that if you swallow “more than is used for brushing” (which for kids is only to be a “pea-size amount”) you’re to call poison control immediately!

That may be one reason why more and more people are switching to fluoride-free brands – something that has created a slow burn with the American Dental Association and its friends.

So, in the latest show of the never-ending campaign to force fluoride into our mouths and down our throats, an article published in a dental journal (and given the royal treatment by the mainstream press) is basically giving us an ultimatum.

It’s fluoride… or nothing!

According to these researchers, you can brush after every meal and floss faithfully, but without fluoride, there will be “no impact” on whether cavities develop. So… why even bother?

What this conclusion didn’t mention, however, is another one of fluoride’s dirty little secrets: The amounts of it found in most commercial toothpaste brands can be enough to discolor and seriously damage teeth.

What they’re not telling you

The authors (who came from several big universities around the U.S.) presented their findings — complete with numerous graphs and charts — of simply three trials involving 743 participants and concluded that oral hygiene without fluoride just isn’t worth the effort.

But to do that, they had to change the commonly accepted theory that if you keep your teeth clean and plaque-free, you won’t develop cavities.

According to these alternative facts for how decay develops, our teeth are filled with itsy bitsy crevices that can only be reached by fluoride. One dentist commented that this theory “violates” the principles that “we’ve been taught and that we teach and that we believe.”

No surprise here, the researchers didn’t even bother to mention the risk of dental fluorosis at all!

Dental fluorosis is a permanent “defect” in tooth enamel in which it becomes more porous and subject to damage. It’s caused when fluoride is ingested (by drinking fluoridated water or brushing with fluoride toothpaste) while a child’s permanent teeth are forming, appearing as chalky white streaks or dark stains with severe pitting and crumbling. And get this – it can actually lead to tooth decay!

According to the CDC, as of 2004, varying stages of dental fluorosis have affected over 40 percent of kids 12 to 15 in the U.S. – that’s up from a mere 10 percent in 1950, which was before the addition of fluoride to major brands of toothpaste.

Even when the press mentions a tidbit about dental fluorosis – which only happens every so often — it usually glosses over the topic and brushes it aside very quickly.

This latest study, however, is getting plenty of media attention – and that’s actually a good sign.

Originally developed as a way to dispose of the toxic byproducts of the aluminum and fertilizer industries (and make a profit to boot!), fluoride is truly the scam of the century. So, for these guys to have to made up new theories about cavities just to sell more fluoride toothpaste, that means that people are starting to wake up to just how dangerous this chemical really is – and not just to teeth.

As we’ve told you right here in eAlert, fluoride is a neurotoxic substance that can lower a child’s IQ, cause skeletal fluorosis (wherein bones become brittle), and trigger bone fractures by interfering with collagen levels. It’s also known to damage the thyroid gland and is closely linked to cancer, including a rare cancer of the bone in adolescent boys.

And despite how frantic the ADA and its friends have become to “spin” the benefits of fluoride, you don’t have to swallow the nonsense!

And it’s not just a matter of using toothpaste without added fluoride.

Taking these three steps will help prevent young children or grandchildren in your family from not only damaging their teeth… but their bones and brains as well.

#1. Find out if your drinking water is fluoridated by calling your local water authority. If it is, install a reverse-osmosis filter in your kitchen – it’s the only kind that can remove most all of the fluoride.

#2. If you buy bottled water, carefully check to make sure that it doesn’t contain added fluoride.

#3. Make sure that your dentist doesn’t sneak in a fluoride treatment for you or the kids. And Those who are pregnant or plan to be need to be especially wary.

There’s no doubt that the average American is swallowing more of this toxic chemical than even the fluoride-happy folks at the ADA and CDC consider safe.

But by taking just a few simple precautions, you and your family don’t have to take part in this mass medical experiment with fluoride any longer!

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