What they WON’T tell you about back pain

Lidocaine. The name alone sounds like candy-coated pain relief – a magic patch that’ll soothe the agonies of a day-to-day battle with chronic pain, especially back pain.

Well, my friend, you can skip the drug and just stick to the candy coating.

Melts in your mouth, not in your hands… and it’s every bit as effective as lidocaine for back pain. I dare the M&Ms people to make THAT commercial!

They’d get in trouble with the feds, no doubt, but they wouldn’t be wrong. Those expensive lidocaine patches docs just love prescribing for back pain have never truly beaten a placebo in an honest-to-goodness clinical trial.

Whether it’s sugar pills, M&Ms, or just a saline patch, folks with back pain get just as much relief from the placebo as they do this $200-a-month drug.

Score one for the placebos!

Actually, score a placebo for yourself… and by that, I’m not recommending you actually eat candy (although everyone loves M&Ms, right?).

Give yourself pain relief WITHOUT the drugs the mainstream is somehow still pushing, especially for older patients – even after being forced to admit the placebos are just as good.

The placebo ‘cure’

“In an effort to do no harm, selecting medications such as acetaminophen and lidocaine may be warranted in older patients, even if the evidence for pain relief is less than robust,” the authors of one recent report wrote in a letter to Medscape.

Say WHA…?!?!

It’s a good thing they wrote it… because they wouldn’t have been able to utter those words with a straight face.

Maybe the issue is that the study’s authors have never actually USED a lidocaine patch themselves, so they don’t know how they’re actually WORSE than a placebo.

Placebos don’t cause skin problems the way that lidocaine patches do where you place them.

Even if those patches “work” and relieve burning pain, you’re left with a burning itch.

They can also cause dizziness… leaving you tipsier than you might be after a shot of booze… minus the pleasure of a stiff drink.

Some people even report headaches.

How’s that for swapping one form of misery for another?!

And don’t even get me started on acetaminophen, which can give you everything from a belly ache to liver damage, especially if you turn to the drug frequently for an ongoing problem like back pain.

Considering all of that, there’s something I can’t figure out.

If researchers ADMIT that placebos are often just as good as the drugs, why not just recommend placebos?

In many cases, they’re not the completely neutral “non-treatments” they’re made out to be. Some DO help by stimulating a real response inside your body.

You can make your own highly effective “pain patch” at home with ingredients you have on hand right now, and it will be no worse than the lidocaine-beating placebo — and it’ll probably be better.

Make a heat patch. Use either a heating pad or just a moist, warm towel and put it on your trouble spots for quick and easy relief.

Want something even stronger?

You got it!

The same all-natural topical formulas that can soothe sore joints can often work wonders for aching backs. Look for a blend of proven natural painkillers like cinnamon, eucalyptus, tea tree oil, capsaicin, and menthol.