Vaccine exemptions just got much more difficult

It’s been just a little over two years since a tyrannical vaccine law known as SB 277 went into effect in California.

Financed by Big Pharma and won through fear-mongering and deceit, it strips parents and grandparents of the basic right to refuse to have risky drugs injected into the children they love.

Without the full vaccine schedule under their belts, kids in that state won’t be allowed to attend school — public or private — including daycare.

No more exemptions based on religious or personal beliefs… and for children who have had prior reactions to vaccines or suffer from conditions that make these shots even more risky, only an official doctor’s letter will be considered.

But now, even that’s going to be much harder to get.

A full-blown witch hunt against noted author and pediatrician Dr. Bob Sears is sending a message loud and clear to doctors everywhere: If you write a vaccine exemption for a child, your entire career may be in jeopardy.

First, do no harm

These days, it’s practically heresy to do anything but present your child for their shots and roll up their sleeve.

Especially in California!

And heaven forbid you’re a doctor who questions a vaccination… or, as Dr. Sears did, writes an exemption!

It’s such a note for a 2-year-old boy that currently has Sears facing 35 months of probation, a sentence handed down by the Medical Board of California. And he got off easy, as it could have stripped him of his medical license altogether.

The matter involved a toddler whose mom had relayed to Sears how her boy had suffered a severe reaction to past vaccinations.

Now, here’s the glitch: Sears didn’t have time to wait for the child’s past medical history to confirm what he was told, so he took the mom at her word and wrote a vaccine exemption.

The resulting investigation spanned years, and as I said, could have resulted in a trial and loss of his medical license.

Wow, you would think he had committed some kind of a felony!

As it stands now, Sears must attend an ethics class (can you believe that!) and 40 hours of medical education courses a year… be constantly monitored by another physician… and notify any facility where he practices about his probation.

Maybe he should wear a scarlet letter too… a giant V for vaccine!

Sears, thank goodness, hasn’t been broken by this. He still maintains his innocence, saying that it’s his job to listen to his patients and “believe what a parent says happened to her baby.”

“I am going to first do no harm, every time,” he said.

Dr. Bob, as his patients call him, happens to know a thing or two about vaccinations. He’s the author of The Vaccine Book, which covers every single shot a child is supposed to be given – including each ingredient and the benefits and risks involved.

And he’s not even considered an “anti-vaxxer” — simply a knowledgeable pediatrician who believes that kids shouldn’t be getting so many shots at one time (which includes a whopping 25 vaccines by the time a child is 18 months old!).

And if necessary due to health reasons, some shouldn’t be getting certain ones — perhaps any at all.

As HSI panel member Dr. Mark Stengler, who knows Sears, commented when this first began, “He doesn’t deserve a suspension or a reprimand. He deserves a medal!”

Certainly, not all vaccines are created equal, and before any child is given a shot (let alone dozens in short order) a caring and knowledgeable doctor such as Bob Sears should carefully analyze what’s in the best interest of that child.

Of course, you can also do your own research, and Sears’ vaccine book a great place to start.

Thank goodness this is still America, and while the powers that be can put Dr. Bob Sears through the professional wringer, they still can’t stop us from learning the truth — or ban books!

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