Ugly new vaccine aimed at EVERY senior

We’ve all got it. Something that’ll make us cringe in pain just thinking about it.

I’ll tell you mine: I once had shingles so bad I almost went blind from it.

Yeah, I bet you didn’t know that could happen, did you?

Shingles attacks nerves, leading to that agonizing, stabbed-repeatedly-on-the-inside, oh-my-God-my-body’s-on-fire nerve pain. And one form of the virus can affect the optic nerve.

Yeah, I was beyond miserable.

Trust me: I don’t just know the science behind this disease. I know firsthand what it’s like to have it – and I’m here to say that even if the new shingles shot could’ve prevented everything I endured, there’s not a snowball’s chance in July I would’ve taken it.

The great vaccine deception

Even after all I went through… and even knowing that I could get a recurrent outbreak of shingles if my immune system gets that overstressed again… you couldn’t pay me to get a shingles vaccine.

It could turn out to be worse than the infection!

The newest one is Shingrix, and the CDC is so high snorting this stuff that it wants seniors to take it even if they’ve already had the other shingles vaccine.

Call me crazy, but didn’t the feds just spend years telling us that the other vaccine was the best way to avoid shingles? Now, all of a sudden, it’s so ineffective that you need to get this new shot, too.

And they wonder why they have a credibility problem!

Medscape, which is a news service for doctors, is playing right along. It says that the new jab is so safe and effective, but then it goes on and on with a lengthy report on “everything you need to know about Shingrix.”

If it’s so safe and effective, like, what’s ta know???

Funny you should ask.

Early on, the report says it’s “not associated with serious adverse events” but then later admits that “17 percent of patients who got Shingrix reported grade-3 reactions, which are severe enough to prevent normal activities.”

That’s safe??? Ya’ gotta luv ’em.

Those side effects include huge and painful lumps where you got the shot, and 10 percent “reported systemic effects that limited activity, such as myalgia, fatigue, headache, shivering, fever, or gastrointestinal illness.”

Sounds like fun.

OK, so it’s one thing to knock it and urge you to avoid it. But I also don’t want you to suffer my fate and end up with shingles, either.

If you had chickenpox when you were younger, you’re at risk for shingles now (unless, like me, you already had it). There’s no 100 percent effective way to prevent it — even the vaccines fall far short of that mark.

But you CAN cut the risk – dramatically – without getting vaccinated.

Vitamin B12 is a powerful nerve protector and a potent inflammation fighter. Roughly 500 mcg per day will help ward off shingles and protect you from inflammation damage throughout the body.

If you draw the short straw – as I did – and end up with shingles anyway, daily B12 shots will do you a world of good. That’s how I beat it.

You could also ask your doctor about lysine. Generally, 3,000 mg per day can ease the itch, limit the pain, and shorten the misery of the infection. When the shingles fades, quit the lysine unless you’ve been advised by a doctor to keep taking it.