Type 2? Your breakfast just got a lot better

Talk about having egg on your face!

For decades, all we heard from the feds in charge of creating dietary guidelines was how awful fat is for us.

But the law requires that these guidelines are revised every five years, and in 2015 the “experts” did a 180 on dietary cholesterol.

And while it’s good that sound nutritional science is finally being acknowledged, there’s a large group that was left in the dust – the millions of Americans with diabetes.

Diabetics have been getting the very short end of the stick when it comes to advice on what they should and shouldn’t eat. And that’s especially true when it comes to the humble egg.

If you’ve been scrambling up those fakes that come in a carton… or tossing the yolks and eating tasteless, pale omelets for breakfast… it’s time to rejoice.

Because eggs are exceptionally for both those with and without diabetes, and Australian researchers have now confirmed that fact once and for all.

Plus that, they’re telling diabetics everywhere how eggs are some of the best foods you can eat… and that you can enjoy pretty much as many as you want!

A good egg!

Dr. Nick Fuller from the University of Sydney is an Aussie on a mission to bring eggs back to the breakfast table for those with type 2.

Four years ago, Fuller and his team carefully analyzed a group of 140 overweight volunteers with both confirmed and borderline diabetes. Some only got to eat a maximum of two eggs a week, while those in another group scrambled, fried, or poached a pair six times a week for three months.

And the conclusion? Not only didn’t the egg-eaters have higher cholesterol numbers than those who skimped on them, but they were generally less hungry during the course of the day.

Egged on by those findings, Dr. Fuller repeated the study for a full year. And the conclusions were pretty much the same.

That means that if you have type 2 and enjoy a dozen eggs a week, it won’t raise your cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure, or risk of heart disease!

As Dr. Fuller said, if you have diabetes, there’s no need to “hold back from eating eggs.”

Thank you, Dr. Fuller! For years now, I’ve cringed when reading most of the advice diabetics were given about eggs. On one hand, they’ve been told how healthy they are, and on the other, they’ve been told to limit intake to a measly two a week for the sake of their hearts.

One absurd study that came out a number of years ago even suggested that having eggs every day is linked to developing type 2. Those researchers must have had their brains scrambled by eating all of those low-fat foods!

But no matter how often bad science tries to bad-mouth eggs, it can’t change the fact that egg yolks are high in vitamins A, D, and E… omega-3 fatty acids… lutein and zeaxanthin (which are vital nutrients to protect your eyes)… and the B vitamins folate, B6, and thiamin.

The next time you go shopping, however, make sure to pick up a carton of ones that come from organically raised hens. Those eggs are not only higher in vital nutrients, but they’re also safer, as those that are produced under factory-farming conditions are five times more likely to test positive for salmonella.

Perhaps mainstream advice-givers will one day the see the light when it comes to the health benefits of eggs for diabetics. But then again, let’s not count our chickens before they hatch!

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