Secret FDA emails tell the toxic truth about Roundup

You may want to take a closer look at what goes into your pantry.

Because some shocking new findings are telling us that many so-called “healthy” foods aren’t so good for us after all.

It’s supposed to be the FDA’s job to test samples of the food we eat to see whether their levels of toxic bug and weed killers are within “legal limits.”

But the agency didn’t even test for glyphosate (the active ingredient in Monsanto’s widely used herbicide Roundup) — as it does for practically every other chemical sprayed on crops — until very recently.

It seemed pretty suspect that the FDA would take so long to start testing for glyphosate residues, especially after the International Agency for Research on Cancer called the Roundup chemical a “probable human carcinogen” three years ago.

But now that the agency has finally done the testing, we’re hearing another side to this story, one that’s come out with the release of some explosive confidential emails between FDA employees.

This bombshell collection of correspondence — straight from the horse’s mouth! — shows how glyphosate has permeated practically everything we eat.

What’s going on right now is a cover-up at the highest level. It seems that the FDA is doing everything in its power to keep us from learning how Monsanto and friends are attempting to rule American agriculture — and contaminate everything in their path in the process.

These shocking new disclosures make it more urgent than ever that you take two vital steps to reduce your family’s exposure to this toxic cancer-causing chemical ASAP!

Here, there, and everywhere

For years now, the FDA has been trying to get us to believe that glyphosate isn’t a problem where food is concerned – but two years ago, it leaked out that the agency had discovered this toxin in oat cereal meant for infants, and independent testing detected it in cookies, crackers, and chips.


So, it looks like FDA officials knew more than we realized when they kept dragging their feet over testing for it… because just-released internal emails between FDA scientists show that glyphosate is turning up in everything!

They’d almost be funny, if they weren’t so frightening.

In an email sent in January 2017, agency chemist Richard Thomas revealed that he was having a hard time finding foods that didn’t contain glyphosate.

Apparently, Thomas needed to deliberately “spike” a food item containing no residues of Roundup to check his testing methods. And that looks to have been the hardest part!

“I have brought wheat crackers, granola cereal, and corn meal from home, and there’s a fair amount (of glyphosate) in all of them,” he wrote to several colleagues.

In fact, the only food free of this poison that he had “on hand” – from his own kitchen — was broccoli! It’s simply unbelievable!

Other emails, which were only released because an investigative journalist filed a Freedom of Information Act request, tell about finding “over-the-tolerance” levels in corn.

Of course, common sense might tell you that any amount of a poisonous chemical in the food we eat would be too much! Nevertheless, the agency allows for “residues” of such toxins and then periodically checks to make sure that none have gone over certain preset “tolerance” levels.

But get this! While FDA rules require that a report be filed when an amount is found above that level, that never happened in this case. The corn in question was said not to be an “official sample.”

How many other such “unofficial” samples are we not hearing about?!

Coincidentally, all of this comes right as Monsanto is doing its best to keep information about Roundup residues in food from being used in a court case that’s going to trial next month.

The company is being sued by a man who claims that his non-Hodgkin lymphoma was caused by Roundup. But should members of the jury hear about how this chemical has been found in the food supply, Monsanto is worried that might “inflame” them “based on their own fear,” according to the judge – who thankfully ruled against the company and for the cancer-stricken plaintiff in that matter.

But remember, cancer isn’t the only thing you have to worry about where glyphosate is concerned. The weed killer has been linked to kidney and liver damage and conditions ranging from bowel diseases to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. And considering everything we now know, it’s vital to take these two steps right away:

#1 Purchase organic food (both raw and processed) as much as you possibly can, and absolutely, positively do so for items containing the big four genetically modified crops – corn, soy, canola, and sugar made from sugar beets.

#2 Where non-organic processed foods are concerned, buy only those that are certified as being GMO-free (thousands of which are on the shelf right now).

Look, it’s obvious that the FDA knows a lot more than it’s telling us. But one thing’s for certain. If we want to limit our exposure to this pervasive poison (and have more to eat than just broccoli), we’ll have to do it ourselves!

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