Cellphone safety cover-up going on for decades

Have you been taking part in one of this century’s largest secret public-health experiments?

Chances are, you have. In fact, less than 6 percent of Americans opted out of it.

Of course, no one asked us if we wanted to participate in this research. They just dangled tantalizing bait in front of us that made life easier, more fun, and allowed us to do some amazing things that we could only dream about a decade or so ago.

I’m talking about cellphones.

A just-out investigation has turned up some frightening evidence that proves that despite everything you may have heard, the science concerning the safety of these devices is definitely not settled — especially when it comes to cancer.

Just as you wouldn’t start using a chain saw or flamethrower without some basic understanding of how to operate it safely, the same goes for thevexciting device that can connect you to the world in an instant.

This is why you need to literally hold the phone and, before you pick it up again, learn how to use it in a way that won’t put your health — or even your life — in jeopardy.

The untold story

You’re familiar with Big Pharma and Big Food. Well, now there’s another name to know when it comes to talking about a devious industry – Big Wireless.

When cellphones first went on sale back in the mid-80s, there had been no safety testing done at all! Soon afterward came the lawsuits claiming that these devices had been the cause of lethal brain tumors. And right along with that came a vast cover-up to make sure that we would never learn the whole story.

But now, a missing piece of the puzzle has fallen into place thanks to a just-out probe into how the cellphone industry has been manipulating what you’re hearing.

It turns out that just like Big Pharma and Big Food, Big Wireless has no compunction about hiding risks and flooding the market with something that was never proven to be safe – all with the help of our federal regulators.

Investigators Mark Hertsgaard and Mark Dowie followed a trail of trickery that started almost two decades ago. That was when an expert told dozens of executives — including ones from AT&T, Apple, and Motorola — that there are some “serious questions” about the safety of these devices.

Cellphone radiation, it turned out, looked very likely to be a cause of cancer and genetic damage.

How did he know? Easy – he had access to all of the data he needed because the wireless industry had hired him to prove its case that cellphones are 100-percent safe. Bet he didn’t keep his job much longer after giving them the opposite of what they wanted!

That, however, was just the beginning.

At this point, we’ve now got decades of research looking at the potential risk from these devices under our belts. The researchers behind this latest probe discovered that 90 percent of the 200 studies contained in a database maintained by the National Institutes of Health implicate wireless radiation as a cause of cancer.

Yet the industry, along with the feds, will tell you that any studies pointing out the risks are wrong or incomplete… and that we should only listen to the research that they approved (and paid for!).

But studies from all over the world have put a very big question mark next to what our carriers and our government want us to believe. If the whole truth were to get out, the entire idea that cellphones are absolutely safe to use – especially where kids and pregnant women are concerned – would fall like a house of cards.

And despite huge payouts from Big Wireless to various programs run by the World Health Organization, even the WHO has labeled cellphone radiation as a “possible” human carcinogen.

Perhaps one of the most revealing things that came out of this new investigation was that while we’re being told how perfectly safe these devices are, the insurance industry isn’t buying it.

Not one insurer contacted by the researchers said that they would ever sell a liability policy covering harm caused by cellphone radiation.

One executive even laughed at the very idea, asking, “Why would we want to do that?”

HSI panel member Dr. Mark Stengler never fell for all of the industry propaganda, and he has been sounding the alarm on these devices for quite a while now. Dr. Stengler rarely holds one next to his ear. Instead, he answers his calls on speakerphone while keeping the device at least a foot away from his head.

Other safety measures you should take include being very careful where you put your phone. Remember, anytime it’s on, it’s emitting radiation — and your purse, jacket, or that fancy wallet holder won’t be blocking it.

Use the speakerphone, as Dr. Stengler does, or a headset for calls… text instead of calling whenever possible… and never put a turned-on phone in your bra or pants pocket!

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