The real reason those nurses who refused the flu shot were fired

It used to be a choice.

Now, an employee who doesn’t roll up their sleeve for a flu shot is in big jeopardy of being fired.

And the idea that a company can order a worker to have a drug pumped into their body (even forgetting the fact that the flu shot is basically worthless and dangerous) is an unprecedented leap into mandatory medication.

The latest move on that front is coming from Minnesota-based Essentia Health, a large hospital chain operating in the Midwest that recently terminated 69 employees for not submitting to a flu jab.

And not all of those fired were nurses. One former employee worked in a basement office handling medical records. She said that she rarely even saw co-workers, let alone hospital patients!

The truth of the matter is, however, this really has nothing to do with “protecting” patients.

It’s an ongoing ploy by Big Pharma’s high-level friends to hit up as many American citizens as possible with an influenza shot… and they will do whatever it takes to accomplish that.

But what we’re witnessing now is only the beginning.

No shot, no job

For the longest time, we’ve been hearing how important it is for “health care personnel” to get a yearly flu shot.

Then, very quietly, that was extended to other employees. Essentia Health, for example, has expanded that “No Shot, No Job” policy to all of its employees, as well as volunteers, students, and even vendors!

That includes the guy loading up the snack machines with chips and pretzels at any of the company’s 15 hospitals or 75 clinics — who will now need to show proof of having had a flu shot.


But while the dozens dismissed from Essentia for refusing to submit to that vaccine have received a fair amount of press, what you’re not hearing is why this is so important to the company and every other healthcare chain and facility in the U.S.

Back in 2013, a long-awaited policy went into action. It was the very first time that hospitals were required to report the vaccination rates of its healthcare employees directly to the CDC.

That was conveniently looped into another hush-hush plan, one involving the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services quality-reporting program. It put hospitals that didn’t comply with that tattle-tale system in jeopardy of losing a ton of money in the form of reduced Medicare and Medicaid payments.

At the time, the American Hospital Association tallied that a 100-bed facility that failed to submit its report could lose around $320,000 in payments.

Along with that, Medicare started publicly posting how many hospital employees got vaccinated online — a sort of scarlet letter to let the public know just how dangerous it is to set foot in one of those facilities!

All of this has resulted in skilled, caring healthcare professionals (and other employees) being fired right and left for the imaginary flu threat they pose to patients by refusing to submit to a shot containing a witches’ brew of toxic ingredients.

The Minnesota Nurses Association released a statement saying that it will file grievances to “win back the jobs and wages of every single registered nurse fired for not participating in Essentia Health’s mandatory flu shot policy.”

The group also stated that there is “no evidence” showing that receiving a flu shot reduces influenza numbers in hospitals.

It’s wonderful that these nurses are being backed by their association, but honestly, I don’t think it knows what it’s up against.

Big Pharma’s influence is far greater than this group could ever imagine. And combined with the CDC… and huge fines for non-compliance… well, I don’t have to tell you how much power that holds.

The truth of the matter, however, is that the flu shot doesn’t work, is extremely risky, and won’t keep a hospital’s flu rates down.

If it really did work at preventing the flu, don’t you think nurses would be the first ones in line to get one?

And keeping your sleeves rolled all the way down is one way to show the powers that be that they can’t force us to put our health — or even our lives — in danger to up Big Pharma’s bottom line.

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